Saturday, June 28, 2008

Theme Songs

So got some news today from Steven Ma fans and Steven has mentioned that Salt Traders will broadcast this year but the month it will be airing is still unknown
and the good news is that Steven & TAVIA will be singing a duet for the theme song of SALT TRADERS
wow finally TVB lets Tavia sing another theme song and with Steven as well it sure would be good hope they will give her more and more chances in the future to sing theme songs

Raymond will be singing the sub theme of Moonlight Resonance ... i have no idea of it is a duet or not but the news just said Raymond recorded the song by himself

So we will be hearing songs from Raymond & Tavia soon

Signing Off:sakura_Drop


Anonymous said...

seriously for real they r gonna let tavia sing in a serie really i have a huge feelin dat the pppll r gonna change it n says no tavia is not singing da theme song they alwayz bump tavia out of filmin new series or singin the themes songs so tavia fans don't get ur hopes up i got my hopes up n they kick her out of da new serie a pillowcase of mysterys two cuz of dat now i am not watchin it (maybe) but da chances r not high for me to watch dat serie

fungyi said...

lol singing the theme song is true Steven Ma confirmed it himself that they are singing a duet and plus in Tavia's recent message she mentioned recording a song so yes it's taiva finally singing a theme song
AS for APCOM hmm well its a new storyline with a new cast so wouldn't it be better for tavia to be in a new different type of series ??

Anonymous said...

i really want to see tavia in a anicent serie i no dat salt trader is a ancient serie but i want to see her in a pillowcase of mysterys two too.with a new character her as being handicapped in a wheelchair (she hasn't done a character like dat before )n da last serie da endin she lost da capablity a walkin tryin to get a thing for benny,kenix,n bobby.SO IT WOULD BE REALLY INTERESTIN N A FRESH NEW CHARACTER FOR TAVIA N FOR DA FANS TO WATCH HER ACT N BECOME BETTER SO YA.Yes of course i want to see tavia in new n different type of series/character