Friday, June 13, 2008

MR update

Okay first i'm going share some fan taken picture of Raymond from today's filming
i don't know what they were filming but both Lai LokYi and Katew Tsui were in wedding attire so yeah i think they might be getting married or doing some wedding promotional thing again may for the advertising company Mose's character works for ?? no idea hhahaa

And also i did a summary mainly about Tavia's character in MR . i got this information from a blog post by easter256 most of the information here is gathered from various magazines, newspapers reports, friends in the media & Various fanclubs

yeah my chinese has become so poor now T.T

all i can say about Raymond's character is that easter256 said that Raymond's character could actually be the third person between Linda & bosco's relationship and that Raymond's Character is like a replace for Bosco in Linda's heart kinda of remind me of HOG where Raymond died and Linda found Moses as his replacement but yeah I don't know how true this is all i know is that bosco is a two-timer but Linda does truly love Bosco but didn't want to be a third person ... that we don't know who really is the third party is it Raymond or Bosco ?hmmmm better watch to find out but all i know is that RayDa ends up together in the end lol .... also read that the reason why Ha Yu didn't choose Raymond was a part of his family when the family split was because the young Raymond is disobedient son but as he grew up with LSK he learnt and became the family guy taking in the responsibility got this piece of news i got from HK discuss

Now as for Tavia's character is the last HOG she was reduce to a mere supporting role but this time she will have more screen time. Tavia's performance this time is very natural (the writer thought that Tavia's acting was kind of lacking a bit in HOG). Her role is very three-dimensional she is the adopted daughter so she has to deal with more trouble in the family. .. She is a character with some strength yet she isn't a very strong person, she has a stubborn personality at times. In this series Tavia will have to shout often and cry a lot but her tears are exceptional here. Apart from the problems of Ho Ma she would have to deal with her aunt and her aunt's daughter Kate. also a big love battle to win Moses lol so she said that the audience will sympathies with her.

Raymond went to perform at a concert in macau the other day hehee i haven;t seen his hair spiked up like this in ages but i think it looks kind of weird lol

Also Lucky Toronto Raymond fans get to see his concert in August . Special guest are Bernice & Linda

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