Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HOG2 New Trailer and Tavia's blog update

Heart of Greed 2's new trailer
Pls visit TVB Musing's blog for the new trailer.
I dont know how to upload it here.
Btw, Heart of Greed 2 official english name is Moonlight Resonance

Btw, Tavia has updated her blog with a video
Do visit her blog for the video and to increase her blog's ranking.

Translation by sunniedae
"hello everybody.. what's happening to me recently is that.. today... we are a park filming hog2.. and this scene is about us bbqing stuff to eat.. now, everyone who hears my voice would think that i sound a little bit like a guy and that's because i am down with flu.. and my vocal chords were inflamed (i think it might be a mild case of laryngitis).. it has been going on for a few days.. before it was just like "ah ah ah".. (i suppose that means that before she can't even talk but can only go "ah ah ah"..) .. can't say anything.. there are many people who wanted to ask me to record stuff but they can't record anything.. i suppose today is the day my voice came back.. (direct translation is "voice open"?? like kai sheng in chinese?).. and that's because i kept yelling just now.. kept yelling until my voice came back.. then i can continue to communicate with the rest of you via the blog.. and i can tell everyone what's happening to me recently.. hog2 is gonna finish filming soon.. and after that i would really have to begin to be busy with the promoting of the show.. and i also need to go online more often to "see" you guys (at the blog)... hmmmm. wait for me.

Transcript: [怡:halo!你们好啊!我的近况就是,今天在这个郊野公园就是正在拍家好月圆。这场戏就是我们烧(烤)东西吃,那大家听我的声音都觉得我有少少像男人,因为我感冒阿,声带发炎,已经几天了,之前就简直ah.ah.ah,讲不到话,很多人想找我录东西都录不到,那今天算是开声了,因为刚才一直在大喊,就喊到自己的声音开了,那就可以继续在blog里跟大家见面,跟大家说说我自己的近况,溏心.家好月圆就快拍完了,那来着就真的开始忙宣传了,还有要多点上去找你们(应该是指blog),hmmm…等我啦!

Signed out by Irrationally_adept

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