Monday, June 9, 2008

HOG 2 - Ha Yu & Michelle Yim's Wedding II

Well the TVB PayVison E-News clip is out
hehehe i even did screen caps for you guys coz i found tavia doing the wave to the camera behind Raymond really cute hehehe and you see the last few screen cap of raymond looking at the ground well tavia is behind him lol it looks like his leaning on her waiting for her to turn around to talk to him coz he looked bored looking at the carpet HAHA

Youtube Link (only Raymond's Cut)


i uploaded the clip on Z-Share: Here
for those who want the direct download of the clip enjoy this is the full news version

And there are even more clearer pictures of Tavia thanks to
and two pictures from

And Lai LokYi has mentioned in his blog video that HOG 2 finishes filming on the 13th of June well i don't know if it meant him finishing filming all of his part of HOG 2 or the whole series is wrapping up on the 13th

Signing Off: Sakura_Drop

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