Friday, November 30, 2007

Tavia admits to developing a relationship with Raymond

Tavia admitted to developing a relationship with Raymond
30th Nov 2007

Tavia admitted to developing a relationship with Raymond - but a friendship kind of relationship. She was at a function with Kevin and afterwards, Tavia was able to pick up many goods including clothes, bags and shoes. Reporters laughed that was it because she lost alot of money during her trip to Macau so now she must find goods to fill in the hole. She laughed and Kevin helped to add that sponsored goods is a perk of being an artist. One shouldn't put the perk to waste.

Reporters noted that Tavia should just find a wealthy boyfriend to help her fill the void and mentioned her "rumored" boyfriend Raymond.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Excerpt from Ray's radio interview on 7th Nov 2007 "clarifying" the rumours btw Fungyi.

Not a news but excerpt from Ray's radio interview on 7th Nov 2007 "clarifying" the rumours btw Fungyi.

Raymond: before the news was out, I saw it in my fanclub's website video clips of the incident. the reporters normally takes 1-2 days to surf the net to find the news. When I saw it on the forums I was like 'woah...they caught that?!'
Host: you sound sluttered, maybe you should slow down and think carefully before you answer since this is your rumour
Raymond: I need to make sure I'm clear too so nobody is misled
Host: I've heard Tavia has a boyfriend
Raymond: yes ar......I heard so
Host laughed
Raymond laughs guiltily
Raymond: aiya you nearly had me there' (Ray accidentally spilling Tavia has a boyfriend to save himself)
Host: Why Tavia was holding onto your hand? Cos like everyone is just standing around
Raymond: Because eh..because girls and guys are seated separately and we know each other for a long time since training school...13th graduate group so I know her for 9 years so on the stage, she congratulated me so I held her hand to say thank you. Because we share a close/true friendship
Host : Like brothers?
Raymond: Yes ar...
Host: Tavia has brothership with a lot of people...
Ray changes the subject to saying: and we didn't let go because of the camera...there's heaps of people in the audience thank you...we are very open" [there's a slight repeat of the fact it's after him winning awards so it's congratulating]

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Raymond named Tavia as his best onscreen love partner/partner with the best sparks

27th Nov 2007
Raymond named Tavia as his best onscreen love partner/partner with the best sparks during a recent interview on Eileen Cha's CR881 radio show.

With both being graduates of the 13th TVB acting class, they've known each other for 9 years and have quite an understanding with each other.
He recalls the "breakup" scene in TOB where they only had to rehearse for one time and it only took 1 take to film the complete scene. Usually, he notes that with such a complicated scene where blood, tears, and heartbreak takes place, it will take a couple of tries before it comes out as to what it's supposed to be.
However, because they understand each other so well, and have complete trust with one another, they're able to "throw the ball" to one another quite smoothly

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Asked if Fungyi are dating in real life.

Exerpt of Raymond's Radio interview.

24th Nov 2007

Asked if Fungyi are dating in real life.

At first they basically discuss how Raymond entered the industry, through 13th acting class and etc. etc. Slowly moving into congratulating Raymond for winning Mainland award at the TVB awards ceremony, who would he thank when winning. And then slowly moving to the CD album covers, as well as incorporating bits of his filming. And then there's this weird act of something that mentions Raymond's past, how he dropped out of Uni halfway, but his english is better than alot of others, and they're still carrying on with the act. Everything goes back to normal after a break, and his music is discussed once again, still no mention of Tavia though. Okay, now near the end:

Alex=DJ; -reciting fax from fan: Are raymond and tavia going out?'

Raymond (laughs hysterically): It's really funny, she must've seen it on a certain news source. Those pictures that were captured, exactly that night -mumbles a bit, gets interrupted

Alex: I'm not lying, it says that (dating) in the fax.

Raymond: I know, but do you know what had happened?

Alex: what happened?

Raymond: They took the photos and said that, eh me and 'ah yi'(tavia) were on stage when HOG won best series award, mentioning that when the camera was turning to their direction, they saw tavia and my hands interlocking and then once that camera was on us, we let go immediatly.

Alex: Ohh...Then why did you hold her hands (interlocking) out of nowhere?

Raymond: Because just slightly before, -mumbles- got an award, tavia and I have known each other for a long time, in fact graduate from the same acting class, when she walked onto the stage she congratulated me and thus I thanked her, and once I wrapped up my thanks the camera had turned to our direction.

Raymond: And, everyone has to take a second to think, it's not just when the camera turns that implies that someone has seen it(hand holding). There were a few hundred(emphasized) people in the audience that saw. We were very natural in congratulating each other so-

Alex: Like brother/sister (sibling) relationship.

Raymond: Yeahh,'s pretty cute.

Alex: But I personally sense that you can get 'girls' whenever, like out of nowhere pops out 15 females.

Raymond(shocked): I wish, I do wish to date but even like this when 2 friends hold hands there's rumours flying everywhere, there's no personal space or chance to expand and find a relationship. (I think he brought it back to him and tavia thus 'even within 2 friends)

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tavia's response to the rumours btw Fungyi

23th of Nov 2007
Tavia denied holding hands. (Note: Again, it is an excerpt of the article which mentioned about Fungyi)

Raymond Lam thanks TVB for giving him the time to release a CD and hold promotions. Regarding the award ceremony end of year, Raymond was asked whether he has confidence. “Should be.”

On the other hand, Tavia Yueng attended an event with Bosco Wong last night. When she was asked regarding the news clip circulating on the internet, Tavia was shocked, “there is? I don’t really have any impression, it should be for congratulation.” Bosco wong helped tavia and protected her against those rumours and explained that when the event is in chaos, he will hold Tavia Yeung’s hands and protect her, and demonstrated it by interlocked his hands with Tavia’s.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam spotted holding hands during TVB 40th anniversary night

Thursday November 22, 2007 Hong Kong

Came from the same training class, Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam collaborated many times together and they acted as a couple in Twins of Brother.

The TVB 40th anniversary awards night ended smoothly and as always, there are rumours before and after the show. Heart of Greed, the grand production, took away the best drama of the year. This was commented to be one of the least possible rigged awards. However, Ling Ling (the newspaper) looked through the TVb forum and realised netizens posted a short clip of the anniversary awards night that was shocking.

Holding hands secretively

Letting go of hands suddenly

Acting as if nothing has happened.

Something is going on.
In the clip, Heart of Greed producer, Liu Jiahao went on stage to give a thank you speech. After thanking TVB, he thanked the crew and the artists involved in the show. At this moment, the carmera moved from the right to the left filming the artist’s expression and fanciful clothing, but was shocked to film Raymond Lam holding Tavia Yeung’s hand tightly as if there are many things he wished to say. But when the both of them realised that the camera is focusing on them, the two of them let go of their hands looking very embarrassed. Since the camera moved at a rather fast speed, the viewers who watched it live might not be able to spot it.

Actually Raymond lam and Tavia Yeung knew each other for very long already. They are classmates from the 13th batch of TVB training class and collaborated in many series like Golden Faith, Twins of Brothers and Face to Fate etc… The two of them filmed Eternal Happiness in 2001 and had rumours then. During that time, they went to mainland to film and went back separately from the crew ater by 2 days. They are laughed by the crew as having a relationship aboard. The netizens are supportive of the two of them holding hands.

Source: 蘋果日報 (Oriental Daily)This news is true, not made up by fans.

Raymond lam and Tavia Yeung holding hands clip


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