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Raymond's new MV "Worthy of tears"

His new MV for the justice bao themesong 值得流泪 "Worthy of tears"

ASTRO Awards 2009 - Pictures

Not much fungyi picture except for these sad but that picture see it looks like Tavia is tapping Raymond on his back trying to tell him something

More Pictures:
ASTRO awards 2009

ASTRO Awards 2009 - Videos

Red Carpet


for other parts visit:

Winning Favourite Character

Joe & Tavia

Favourite On Screen Kiss

Bosco, Linda & Raymond performance (Dw it not together linda voice is really pitchy and off key sorry but if you just want to watch Raymond skip to 4:11min)

Favourite Couple

Favourite drama

ASTRO Awards 2009 - Results

okay well some fans at the chinese forum (mainly LoveBosco & raymond baidu) are giving us up date so i'll up date everyone here with what is currently happening

Red carpet walk:
Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan
Raymond Lam & Law Koon-Lan ( she plays Steven Ma's mum in The Gentle crackdown II)
Ron & Shirley
Linda Chung & Benz Hiu & Myolie Wu
Bosco Wong & Tavia Yeung
Suzanna Kwan & Moses Chan & Lee Si Kei

hahahah i knew it was going to be BoTa but i'm glad they spilt up Rayda but put Raymond with someone new hahahaha
i read there is a lot of Tavia fans that showed up tonight wow go Tavia MA fans for all showing up and supporting for first Astro awards the other fans say that they were realy well organised and the cheering was really good lol
But yeah Raymond has the most fans there

Stage Introduction:
Raymond Lam & Linda Chung
Ron Ng & Tavia yeung
Bosco Wong & Shirley Yeung
Moses Cahn & Myolie Wu
Lee Si Kei & Suzanna Kwan

Favorite Character
01 .Moses Chan (Tong Chi On 唐至安)
02.Myolie Wu (Fat Tin 肥田)
03.Ron Ng (Chung Lap Man 鍾立文 )
04.Linda Chung (Sheung Joi Sum 常在心 )
05.Bobby Au-Yeung (Chai Foon Cheung 齊歡暢 )
06.Jessica Hsuan (Lei Ching Wan 李青雲 )
07.Bosco Wong (Lui Sau 呂濤)
08.Lee Si Kei (Dai Kai 大契 )
09.Raymond Lam (Wah Zhen Pong 華振邦)
10.Charmaine Sheh (Wing Sau Fung 榮秀風)
11.Joe Ma (Doi Laap Yun 戴立仁 )
12. Tavia Yeung (Tam Chu Mei 譚珠美)

Unforgettable Moment
Heart of Greed

Favorite On Screen Kiss
Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh

Favorite Bizarre Character

Myolie Wu

Favorite Villain
Shirley Yeung

Favorite Scene Stealer
Benz Hiu

Favorite Couple

Raymond Lam & Linda Chung (程亮&常在心)

Favorite Theme Song
Suzanna Kwan - 讲不出声 (溏心风暴)

Favorite Leading Actress
Lee Si Kei

Favorite Leading Actor
Moses Chan

Favorite Drama
Heart of Greed ( (溏心风暴)

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Hong Kong International Airport flight MA

Stars at Hong Kong International Airport flight to Malaysia for the ASTRO Award

current only Raymond pictures are out waiting for Tavia's

clip talking to fans about his new TV role

translation:hmm yep i have just started to film this "Picking Star Of Adventure"series. In the series actually the role if everyone has seen the hairstyle and the clothes you could guess that that character is stupid no not really stupid but honest business person, but romance wise he is more ignorant. The character is a strong potential young man. That's all is can say for now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Century Sakura Banquet & award Ceremoy

wow looks another star studded event is coming up on March 18
2009 Century Sakura customer appreciation banquet and award ceremony
it is some kind of fashion event held in Shenzhen. So it is the first collaboration between Century Sakura and TVB and is meant to be some big star festival which includes Red Carpet, banquet and press conferences
anyways i dunno how true this event is but it would be good coz the more fungyi events the better lol

Sudden Weekly Issue 708

Tavia Yeung climbs up by staying in FengShui apartment
Translation credits to Jessie @ JESSIE'S BLOG
Source : Sudden Weekly Issue 708
Magazine Scan by : nini2 @

Tavia Yeung bought a 2-room apartment facing sea scenery in Tseung Kwan O Central in 2001. Now, her apartment’s value has increased HK$400,000 and recently, Tavia’s career has also become more and more successful. From a minor role to Fa Dan status now and also gained Best Supporting Actress last year by the role of “Lo Lui”, it seemed that her apartment could help in building up her career. When asked about she bought a FengShui apartment, Tavia expressed that she did not think about it and just bought it because that area was easy for her to travel around. “I stayed here for nearly 7 years. I feel that it is convenience to buy things here because there is a road that can straight lead to the shopping mall. As an artiste, I always do not have fixed time for my meal. There are a lot of foods downstairs and I will not afraid of getting hungry.”

Beyond the Realm of Conscience costume fitting clips



credits to idlemindsehseh@youtube

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Raymond's New Hair Style

well more pictures of Raymond's new hairstyle a clearer picture
credits to lucygong at Raymond forest

OMG OMG the new hairstyle for the drama looks bad ewww i hate it he loooks so geeky in the new hair style arghhh i'm really sad now....NOOO bring the Hairstyle from the mag scan back

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ZipHOMME Men's X Fashion

ZipHOMME Meen's X fashion magazine scan
wow well i guess this is his new hairstyle?? it don't look as bad as the fans made it sound or may be the hairstyle he used for filming is a bit different than for the mag shoot he just cut his hair a lot shorter but it still looks okay to me

okay well here is the full theme song i think of Raymond singing Justice Bao theme well you can still hear like sword fighting and stuff in the background but it as good a version we can get until his new album comes out

Raymond Lam - New Justice Bao themesong

credits to sharon of Raymond Forest for the music file

Picking Star Of Adventure news

So "Picking Star Of Adventure" has a;ready started filming already i guess no costume fitting for the series since everything is very low profile right now . the cast is currently filming in Shenzhen right now
okay not much news except for the following i read at RF
current cast :
Raymond Lam —— 海星(Hoi Sing)
Damien Lau —— 海亮(Hoi Leung)
Bosco wong —— 林大 (Lam Dai)
Toby - 美思 (Mei Si)
趙子琪 (Zhao Zi Qi) * —— 京麗
宋汶菲(Song Wen Fei)* —— 耀群
these two the mainland actress supposedly are the main female leads
Cecilia Yip

So Raymond & Damien will have a father & Son relationship again, with Bosco they are childhood friends, partners in the story are that Toby likes Raymond but she will end up with Bosco, 宋汶菲 & Raymond date but then she and Bosco have some sort of relationship like an affair?/

lol fans who have seen raymond's new hairstyle says that it is kind of weird omg now i'm scared i really want to see it now

anyways MV promo of Raymond & Vincy

Full version of Steven Ma & Tavia Yeung - Sweetness in the Salt Themesong
it is rips of the radio so it isn't clear and has the DJ speaking but for those who wanted the full song here it is
Steven Ma & Tavia Yeung - 爱怎么说(Full DJ Version)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience costume fitting

the official costume fitting of "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" was held today
the costumes looks pretty but the hair style are really out there but i guess it has to be since it is set in the Tang dynasty and they had those really extravagant hairstyle with lots of hair pins and stuff

well i was going to translate the news but i found the article translated on AF. so it saves me a lot of time heheh

Translated by : jse@
Sourced from :

Tavia and Charmaine are best friends like sisters in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience". Later on, Tavia turned evil. She was not worried whether her evil role could affect her image. During the costume fitting event, Tavia and Moses were playing together and often hang hands on each shoulders happily. Tavia laughed at Moses and said,"You didn't scared that someone saying you are a "Salty Pig Hand"?" Moses just replied,"I was the victim who salted by the pork hand?!" For Michelle Yim, she mentioned about her boyfriend. Rumour stated that her boyfriend's disease had some changes. She attended the costume fitting and she denied this rumour. She said her boyfriend was fine and he was resting in the house now. Reporters questioned whether she will marry with her boyfriend. Michelle replied,"Only until completed filming this show first before saying anything." On the other hand, mentioned about Stephen Huynh's younger brother, Francois who was in love with a greater age woman . Mandy revealed she had SMS-ing him already. When mentioning about her love rumour with Stephen, she had done a great job eventhough she only pressurised herself. But, she would not spread this to Francois and supported him. She also said that the most important thing was a family reuniting together. She said,"Francois was a great person and I think the news reported about Francois was not true." On the other hand, Rumoured couple, Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng attended for this costume fitting. This couple became the hitpoint of this drama. However, when they were with each other, no interactions between them were seen. For this drama, Kevin said,"For this drama, I can't control myself. When we are filming, we will definitely concentrate to film a good one."

more pictures: Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Costume fitting