Saturday, May 31, 2008

Raymond's blog update

Raymond, bosco and linda has just updated their blog of pictures of their filming with some captions. shall post the pictures in Ray's blog

huh! Who are you?

His such a rude person for going to fixing his hair in the middle of your conversation, Never mind him! We'll leave

Why so many people? Hurry Leave

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HOG2 cast filming at beach scene

Pictures taken from Moses' blog

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Friday, May 30, 2008

HOG 2 - Mid-Autumn Festival Show


Last night the HOG 2 cast filmed a scene about a Mid-autumn festival Show. The scene talked about how Moses's Character was holding the show for the bakery, but due to being tired and over working he has a heart attack and was sent to hospital.
Lee Si Kei had said that due to the criticism of HOG having a bad ending with no clear ending of how the bad character get punished this time the bad characters will get a bad ending. Although Suzanna Kwan's character does some bad things in the series she will turn good in the end so overall the ending will be a happy ending.
HOG 2 is said to be finished filming in the Mid of June and airing at the end of July.

Credits: Oriental daily , SingTao Daily & Raymond Forest

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

HOG 2 Wedding Scene

Filiming of HOG 2 wedding scene
this time two couples are getting married they are Suzanna Kwan - Louis Yeun and Fala Chen & Dexter Yeung ( did i spell his name right ?? lol )
anyway another happy family scene but this time i don't seem Michelle Yim & Linda in the scenes did something happen to their character?? i think this is near the end of the series

Pretty picture of tavia in the bride's maid dress

【on.cc专讯】 杨怡以Low-cut晚装上阵拍摄新剧《溏心风暴之家好月圆》婚宴场面,饰演伴娘的她为拍剧经常披嫁衣,令她愈来愈恨嫁,而身边朋友很多都已结婚生仔,再加上四川大地震,令她觉得世事无常、人生苦短,因此现正努力物色对象,但估计六、七年内都不会结婚.

Tavia Yeung appeared in a low-cut gown filming Heart of greed 2 in a wedding scene. She wore a bridesmaid gown that day and that made her feel more like marrying. Many of her friends have already married and have children already and in addition to the earthquake in china made her feel that there is no certainty in life and life is short. hence she is working hard in looking for a target but predicts that she wont get married in 6 to 7 years time.

relevant article: Tavia working hard to find her other half
Fala Chen appears angry for no reason with a Diva attitude

the TVB-E DL clip can be found here

Anyways a Note from me (Sakura_Drop): Update from me will be kind of slow in the next 2-3 weeks as i have to study for my Exams which are in less than a month away =X but yeah don't worry i think the other girls will keep all you guys updated with the Fungyi News.
Response by Irrationally_adept: no problem hard for your exams. i will do the updating.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

TVB Weekly Vol.570

Sorry scans are not that clear
will upload a clearer version later when it comes out

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Monday Magazine Vol.399

Credit: raymond's baidu bar

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21/05/08 - Tavia Blog update

For the victims of the earthquake in silence

19th of May the company held a moment of silence



Translation: It suddenly drizzle during the ceremony. it made people feel that even heaven is mourning for the victims in the earthquake. I believe the people in china have determination and will be able to recover and stand up from sorrow.

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Also have update the schedule .... Tavia finally has another function

Just wanted to share this quote with you guys
made me think of the earthquake when i read it

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TVB's All Star Silent Tribute

okay there is four videos of the event but i don't know which belong to which channel sorry...coz i haven;t watch these clips yet either have no time but enjoy

Credits:bigpig59 @ Youtube

Picture from Raymond's TVB Blog

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Other pictures

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Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19th TVB Artist Mourn for the Victims of EarthQuake

On May 19th at 2:28pm TVB Stopped all work and gathered more than 100 of its artist and 500 Staff together and lined up in front of TVB city to mourn for the victims of the SiChuan earthquake. Most the Artist and staff that attended wore black and stood there in silence despite the cold.

Credit:TungStar & Raymondforest &

i just did a summary of the articles if anyone wants to translate the whole thing they can find it here :

Sunday, May 18, 2008

TVB's telethon appeal

Credit: bigpig59@youtube

The cast of HOG 2 ,The Turbulence of East and West & Cordial Heroes made a short appearance at the event as they had to all rush back to filming their series again

Credits: TungStar & RaymondForest

I'll be back tomorrow to update with more pictures
anyways don't forget to donate to SiChuan Earthquake Appeal

British Red Cross

American Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

Jet Li's The One Foundation, via paypal

ifgogo , other Methods

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Swore to be a lady killer and TV king, Raymond snatches Moses' fans on the street

Swore to be a lady killer and TV king, Raymond snatches Moses' fans on the street
Singdao 16th of May 2008


Having to shout for so many hours, Tavia has to use eyedrops.

Tavia was overwhelmed with emotions. shouted for 7 hours

Autograph and photo-taking, Raymond is certainly justified to be famous

Raymond played with housewife's kid, making housewife very happy

filming in the heartlands attracted thousands

Heart of Greed had good ratings and the crew took the opportunity to film a sequel using the same cast. To conquer Moses' label as TV King ans fighting with Moses for the male lead in HOG2, Raymond tried to snatch more fans from Moses.

Heart of Greed had obtained lots of support when it was first aired. Last week, Heart of Greed 2 crew and cast including TV King Moses and TV Queen LSK went to the heartlands to film. They filmed from 6 in the evening to 5 in the morning. There were about thousands of people watching them film. It goes to show how much influence Heart of Greed has on them

It is rumoured that Raymond is being promoted to be the TV King this year. And on that day, reporters saw raymond snatched many of Moses' fans. Raymond was smiling and greeting the viewers and carried the baby of a housewife to play with him. He agreed to take pictures when fans requested to. When it was time for supper, Raymond especially walked to a nearby stall and bought 8 big box of 煎酿三宝 and shared it with the crew and cast. Moses who was sitting at the side was also drooling at the food. When asked if Raymond bought the food to win everybody's heart, Raymond awkwardly replied, "no such thing. It is not much money anyway. don’t anyhow write." But reporters did see Raymond winning many ppl's heart.

Tavia shout till her eye is swollen
On the contrary, moses was very quit that day and he wrote sunglasses appearing very cool. His attention was all on Raymond instead of Moses. Although having this, the two of them appeared to be very friendly on the filming set. They were both caught sitting on the stairs way chatting

on the contrary, Raymond's rumoured GF, Linda Chong avoided him as much as possible. He didn’t talk to Linda the whole filming process and so Linda has to talk to Fala and Tavia instead. That day, the attention was on Raymond for the guys and Tavia on the girls. From 9pm in the night till 4 in the morning, she kept shouting for 7 hours. At the beginning, Tavia used real tears but after that she has to count on eye drops to give that tragic effect. She is indeed very professional.


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