Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moonlight Resonance trailer 1

Hey i thought i would also upload a version of the clip here on the blog for you guys also uploaded it in megavideo coz i don't have a youtube account =X but yes this clip is actually 3mins not the 1:30 clip from Metal's blog this is the full version and the reason why the other clip didn't have a lot of tavia was because Tavia and Moses appear mostly in like the first minute of the clip that was cut off in the other version so actually Tavia aslo has her fair share of screen time in the trailer but there is not fungyi scene's sadly ...... and i spot some scenes in MR like HOG which is the court scene where all the reporters and family gather together in from of the court so much like HOG and the Bosco & Linda running in the rain reminds me of Moses & Linda running in the rain from HOG
but yeah i hope all Tavia fans aren't as disappointed as before after viewing this clip coz there is a lot of Tavia
anyways just wanted to share the clip with you guys i have a lot of pictures from the BBQ event to upload as well but i'll do it tomorrow after i finish my last exam ( yay finally exams over and have over a month off kekeke so i have a lot of time to update then)
Arghhh since the official name of the series is Moonlight Resonance i have to change all the tags to the blog as well but do it after exam as well but as for the title reminds me a of classy romantic movie not something about family rivalry and a mooncake shop .. i guess TVB was trying to think of unique names for their Grand Production and i guess they wanted a Grand Classy Name to go with the Grand production so they picked this one
anyways i have to go back to studying but enjoy the clip

Also please Visit Raymond's Blog as well he also uploaded a clip of him at the BBQ function

Anyways was watching an interview with the veteran actors at the shanghai Tv film festival and Suzanna Kwan mentioned that there is a lot of fighting in the series and she was talking about one fighting scene where she and tavia were physically fighting with each other with hair pulling and slapping etc. heheh the scene sounds really dramatic and cool i can't wait to see it

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