Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tavia Yeung has Plenty of Work Thanks to "Heart of Greed"

Tavia Yeung has Plenty of Work Thanks to "Heart of Greed"
7th June 2007

Tavia Yeung took part in a limited edition mobile phone promotion yesterday wearing a sexy top that revealed her belly button. She smiles that as the weather is hot and humid, she has paid for ice cream for everyone. She says she is just a guest and not a spokesperson, but she was still presented with a new phone.

Thanks to the effect of "Heart of Greed", Tavia has had a lot of promotional work and after the watch show earlier, she is now selling phones. Although she has not calculated how much she has made, she still feels very happy and hopes that she will have even more sponsors, such as clothes, shoes and cars.

Asked if she would like to buy a sports car, Tavia says: "Sports cars are very mother-unfriendly, I am very welcoming to my mother, so I would like to buy a family car to drive my family around."

Having always kept her love life low profile, Tavia has been spotted on many occasions with a 'fat guy' boyfriend and a magazine has recently published photos of them out shopping again, but they kept their distance. She smiles: "To avoid people guessing, I always keep my distance from my male friends when we are out. (Is the fat guy your boyfriend?) No, just a male friend. (But you have been spotted together many times?) I only have a few friends and I will not alienate them to avoid being photographed. If I am in a stable relationship, then I do not mind revealing it, but for now my work is my priority . The company is very open and they will not stop me making friends or having normal social activity."

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tavia Yeung Is Not Afraid Of Myolie Being Jealous

Tavia Yeung Is Not Afraid Of Myolie Being Jealous
6th of June 2007

Bosco Wong and Tavia Yeung recently have played a lovely married couple in "Heart Of Greed". Recently they have been invited for a watch' brand opening ceremony.

They asked if Bosco would want to be a spokeperson. He laughed and replied:"I would really want to, hoping with the brand to promoto my new series "War OF In-Laws 2007." He thinks that it's also good to invite him and Liza together to be spokeperson, because they both have a good taste. Asked if he wanted to be a spokeperson for the a couples' watch. He says it depends on the situation. Bosco and Tavia both had a couples' watch.

Bosco denies dating
Asked if he ever gave a watch to someone. He replied that he only gave a watch to his father. As for girlfriends, he never did, because when he used to date he didn't had much money. But now he also don't have someone he fancies. Bosco is collecting antique watches, each one of them has a big value. Reporters say his dad will give one of those watches to him later on. Bosco laughed and said it won't be the same as family "Tong" (Heart Of Greed) and won't fight for his money.

Bosco thinks because of Heart Of Greed he has worked more hours then he was used to. Refering to Heart Of Greeds final ratings that wasn't higher than the ratings of Jewel In The Palace, he said that he was satisfied with 48 points. He hopes that people ask him to film more.

Tavia appeared in a white dress. For being at this opening ceremony, she received a amount of 5 numbers. Asked her if she has expensive watches. She replied the most expensive watch is only about 10,000. At the event she wore a watch with the value around 30,000.Recently Tavia and Bosco have been appearing together at a lot of events. Asked Tavia or she isn't afraid of Myolie being jealous. Tavia smiled and replied that's she is not worried and she gets along with Bosco very well and that the three of them are very good friends.

There were rumours saying that new series "On The First Beat" was copied from "PTU" and «ç¥žç¶“ä¿ ä¾¶». Tavia Yeung never saw these two movies. The two movies are about the same subject, but the progress is different. She will support her own series, but doesn't agree if "On The First Beat" was really copied. But "On The First Beat" ratings was 33 points, so she is really happy with it.

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