Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bosco and Moses Centre of Jokes at 'Heart of Greed' Promotion - Linda Accidentally Reveals Herself

Bosco and Moses Centre of Jokes at 'Heart of Greed' Promotion - Linda Accidentally Reveals Herself
April 19, 2007

TVB series "Heart of Greed" announced its ratings yesterday and held a promotional event in a Sai Kung Watersports Centre, attended by cast members including Moses Chan, Ha Yu, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, Lai Lok Yi, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. Moses and Bosco were once again the brunt of everyone's jokes and when Ha Yu asked Moses who he liked the most, everyone shouted out "Bernice Liu", leaving him very embarrassed. When Bosco mentioned that in the series, his favourite was Tavia Yeung, she jokingly pointed out that her name also has the word 'Yi'. When Louis Yuen called out to everyone: "We have invited Myolie here today!", Bosco was very shocked and looked over, making everyone laugh.

Although they were playing beach volleyball, all the artistes were fully clothed and only Tavia appeared in a strap top, looking quite sexy. She smiles: "Yes, because Fala would not take her [top] off." When she heard this, Fala said: "I will let her do it!" Tavia replied: ""Thank you, big sis Fala." When she was asked by reporters whether she would follow Fala and go down the sexy route, Fala interjected: "She can if she increases her 'cup'." Fala also explained that she kept herself covered up because she was avoiding the sun.

When the competition got underway, the red team's Bosco and Tavia and the yellow team's Raymond and Linda had to race to collect a ball from the sea on the watercycles, but the rather vicious competition led them to have some knocks and crashes along the way. After this race, the volleyball started and each team sent out one male and one female representative to play. Although their skills were very mediocre, they were well matched and in the end, they had to decide the winners by splitting the teams into a men vs women contest. Thanks to a little skill from Linda, the ladies emerged victorious. Although Linda was careful with her outfit, there was one point where she accidentally revealed herself when she was sitting on the watercycle. Asked why she chose the clothes she did, she says that she knew that they would be playing ball, so she decided to keep covered up: "I do like playing volleyball, but I didn't play my best today, maybe because the court was too small."

For Moses and Linda who both celebrate April birthdays, the crew prepared some birthday cakes for them after the event and with his birthday on 16th, Moses says that his age is a secret and on his birthday this year, he visited Disneyland with his family. Ha Yu suggested that the birthday girl and boy should share a kiss, but Moses refused and just patted his shoulder, arguing that he was not afraid of Bernice being jealous, just that among the ABC's, he is rather conservative. Linda also refused to kiss Moses, saying that this is too intimate.

With his tall build, Lok Yi has been photographed with a girl who is just five feet tall and they have been described as 'A Ratbox on a Lamp-post' [Chinese colloquial saying for a small girl dating a tall man]. Asked about this at the event, he clarified that she is not his girlfriend and not someone he is courting. There were a big group of friends out barbecueing that day and he joined his female friend to help her buy provisions at the supermarket. He said a little impatiently: "Let them write, I don't mind and I have not read it. The most important thing is not to bother my friends." He says that of course there are men and women among his friends and if he is actually dating, then he will not actively hide it, but there is no need to make a big announcement either because he is not a very famous star or idol. Asked who is girlfriend actually is, he laughs out loud and says: "What? It is Yoyo [Mung]! (You are fighting with Ekin?) I often fight with Ekin! Haha!"

Raymond attended the event sporting an injury and at first, he joked that he was bitten by a 'snake' when he was filming in China, but later he explained that he was filming a scene with Charmaine Sheh where he had to chase her car, but he sprained his left ankle in the process. Asked if this was caused by lack of exercise, he denied this and said that he does a lot of sport, such much that his bones have loosened now. He says: "I am not very good at volleyball though - I belong to the International Amateur Don't-know-how-to-play Volleyball


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