Friday, June 27, 2008

MR BTS Picture & Tavia new H2O Spokesperson

Hey sorry guys for the slow update lately i got the news of tavia being a spokeperson a few days ago but i just been so busy and sucked into watching dramas that i didn't update

First these picture were found in Vincent's Yahoo blog
I guess Tavia really did keep her promise from the Scoop clip lol coz Vincent said that Tavia takes very good care of all the young actors on the set

Now these set of picture were found from Vincent's blog

PICS - Behind The Scenes!
i hope everyone managed to stay clear of the horrible T8 weather and are safe in their homes - HK is seriously in need of some proper summer weather, and i'm talking about more sunshine!!
anyways, hope the following could cheer up everyone's dampening mood :) -
i remember really clearly the scene you see below with that enormous was shot at 9am and everyone was struggling to keep their eyes open - but we all look pretty awake in the pics tho huh? ;p


funny scene at a classic karaoke-style bar

莎姨's birthday

poster shooting day

my lovely sister's wedding

my happy family and our gigantic mooncake!

Moonlight Resonance Poster shooting vs Heart of Greed Poster

Seriously doesn't the Poster shooting for MR look awfully like the Heart of Greed poster ? Except this time they have Mooncakes instead of Abalone on the table and Raymond took over Bosco's seat near the table and Michelle Yip took over Suzanna Kwan's spot ....... Really wonder how the final MR poster will look liks now

DO NOT TAKE OF OF SIMPLY.FUNGYI just a simply translation not very accurate

Tavia Yeung H2O+ District Spokesperson for Malaysia

Tavia has signed a new contract to be the new spokesperson for H2O+ Skincare for Malaysia.
Dicey Business was recently broadcast in Malaysia and her role as Tam Mei Chu is very impressive and highly liked. Although in the series Tavia is dizzy she is a smart and full of charm in real life. H2O+ will be entering the Malaysian Market and has been searching for the right spokesperson. The contract signed with Tavia ( for the term of one year) was made due to her great taste and fashion and healthy image. The brand has been launched in different regions such as Hong Kong with Twins, Joey Yung and Janice, Taiwan with Angela Zhang now it is Tavia's turn.
In early July Tavia will go to Malaysia which would include talks about H2O and promoting Heart of Greaad with Moses Chan. She will be again going in December As the Offfical spokesperson for Malaysia and also t omeet fans

Credits: China Press


with some picture of Salt Traders go visit it

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