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Raymond's Pictures

HAHAHA okay i just had to share some of these new sexy raymond picture lol

Esquire 0805

Kidults Magazine Issue 40

Do you remember “Heart of Greed”? After Alfred (played by Lam Fung) was in a car accident, he insisted on calling Seung Joi Sum in the phone booth and realised his dream. As they say life imitates art, in real life Fung also has this persistence, and works continuously to achieve his dreams. Today, let this young guy with drive and passion share his life philosophies.

Role as a big brother
Many parents will place high hopes on their eldest son, and hope he will set a good example for his younger siblings. As the eldest son in his family, does Fung feel a lot of pressure? “Since we were young, my parents had taught us that regardless of who is right or wrong, as the eldest brother I will always get punished! So everytime my younger brother or sister gets into trouble, I will also be punished! But because of this strict upbringing, I’ve grown up to be more careful and also taking thing seriously. Now I work in front of the camera, I always remind myself so I won’t make mistakes.” As the eldest brother in the family he gets punished often even if it’s not his fault, Fung laughs and says maybe because of this his brother and sister now respect him a lot as he had to be the “target” of punishments.

Calling home every hour
Many people know that Fung has a strict family, so now he has developed good self-discipline. “When I was young I wasn’t allowed to go out at night. After school I have to go home straight away and if I was late I had to explain it to my family. I remember once when I went home late Dad’s punishment was me kneeling on the floor, and he used the broom stick to hit me. The force even made the broom stick bent!” Ever since, Fung has learnt to be more responsible, “Everytime I went out with friends, I would call home every hour and tell them I’m safe, so they will not be worried.” Many people would view calling home every hour as very tedious, plus it’s a very difficult thing to do for many rebellious youths. “Maybe it’s because I’m the eldest son, I knew how to step into other person’s shoes and be aware of their feelings, if this can make my family less worried, why wouldn’t I do it? My family never had the notion of “owning something for ourselves”, we would give selflessly and also like to share. Everything we do, our first priority is “the family”.” As he always think for others no wonder Fung can be harmonious with many different people!

How you live is how you act

The Fung in front of us has a good upbringing (bad translation I know, but I can’t think of anything else! - translator) and gives people the impression that he’s is dependable. Actually, he was already like this when he was still studying. “My father’s teaching is ‘before doing something, you need to learn how to be a person’ the philosophy I still remember it now. As I am the eldest, my parents would take me to social functions when I was younger. As I see more of the world I learnt more and know how to handle different situations and can do it better than others.” To learn how to handle different situations, Fung says the best place to learn is at school. “At school there are different types of students, some are ‘bookworms’ - weaker when it comes to organising activities, some are very outgoing - but their results are not the best.” Fung laughs and says he is of the latter kind, and participated in many extracurricular activities. “I was part of the school swimming team, also participated in recitations, and was the conductor of the choir! I think students should participate in extracurricular activities, meet students from different years, expand your circle of friends, meet more people so you can learn how to deal with others.” But Fung emphasises, studying is still the foundation, so young people should concentrate on their studies.

What you can solve yourself is not a problem
Fung had studied architecture at University of Southern California. By coincidence he did not continue his studies and entered the entertainment industry. When asked about his struggles when he first entered the industry, he says, “for a 19 year old guy it was a huge decision. My parents were actually very worried. But I feel whatever I can solve myself is not a problem. So I decided to give it a try. I believe that in life you have to keep on trying to have the chance of success!” All parents in this world love their kids. When he first entered the industry, his parents worried a lot, but after visiting him on the set once, their worries were gone. “They came to visit me when I was filming in China, they saw that I was taking my work seriously and when I was tired I fell asleep on horseback. Since then, they understand that I’m not just fooling around and actually work very hard. Then they are not worried anymore.” Fung says playfully, now when his parents call when he is working, they will hang up immediately. So he doesn’t have to call them every hour like he used to!

Dont’ care about reporters

The famous people would normally avoid the gossip magazines and paparazzi, Fung is not an exception. Even though during holidays he can go yum cha with his family, but his family are afraid of going out to eat with him. And he would rather spend time resting at home, to avoid the reporters making up reports and taking photos. “The development of photo altering technologies is scary, so whatever effect you would like, you can do that on the computer.” In the past there had been conflicts between artists and the paparazzi, so has Fung thought about taking action to fight back? “Of course not, this will just waste my time and energy. It’s better to concentrate on tomorrow’s work.”

Fight for life
Even though he could’ve been an architect, but Fung chose the uncertain path of being in the entertainment industry. This puzzles a lot of people. Fung says with ease, “At different times, everyone had to face a decision-making moment, the most important is to understand your abilities and hobbies, then give everything to achieve it after careful thought. Then just do your best!” Fung started off as an unknown actor and now he is an actor/singer and an idol for many youths. This is the result of his beliefs. Fung points to his eye bags and says, “I had expected a lot of hard work before I entered this industry. I decided on this path because I wanted to challenge myself, see this eye bag of mine, previously I didn’t have any dark circles!” Everyone laughed after hearing this.

When we met him for the first time, in the beginning Fung introduced himself, “I’m Lam Fung ar!” He is easygoing and also gives the impression of being a big kid. During the interview we understood his emotions throughout his career. Through him we’ve learn “What you get is what you put in”. If you want to succeed there are no shortcuts. Looks like Fung had put in a lot of hardwork in the background! Young people should set goals and work towards them wholeheartedly. The readers of “Kidults” - we believe that you can do it too!

Source: Kidults Mag April
Translated by Kat @
Mag scanned by Dream@

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Credit: Raymond Forest

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HOG 2 Pictures

okay here are some HOG 2 picture i have found in the past few days
i'm too lazy to organized them in section so just put them all into one post
lol sorry it a bit messy
Plus i have to get back to studying soon so yeah
enjoy the picture

This is the latest picture came out today
it was about a rayda scene

These picture are old from the catwalk filming day

And Raymond with a baby so cute

These pictures are from Raymond's TVB Blog

Credit:FROM 民发 2号c
By KA 爱在少爷提供
+Tavia.Org + Raymond's TVB Blog +Raymond's baidu Bar

okay well i got news that the whole HOG 2 cast will be at the concert/performance on fridays to welcome the Olympic torch to Hong Kong its some really big event with many artist going
but hopefully there is so fungyi

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Random Update

hahaha hi everyone lol
okay sorry haven't been updating some news onto this site for a few day but i'm here with a post post on recent blog update and some new of Raymond

These picture were posted on Raymond's QQ Blog

His also updated his TVB blog on 22/04 with these picture as well

Visit: Raymond's TVB Blog

And finally some HOG 2 Candid filming picture keke so cute loving the family pictures ........ finally am able to see a candid picture with fungyi in it

Picture Credits: TAT's Blog & Raymond forest

and also like to mention that there has been some really negative news about Raymond related to the the deceased Actress Tam Ching
if anyone wants to hears his reply to the issue you can DL it here : VAVAVOOM Radio interview

also news related to the issue can be read here :

but frankly if you ask me i find it quiet rude and absurd that the reporters would come up with something like this to write about .... as if the actress' death wasn't pitiful enough but to bring another person into an issue like this is just sad .... i hope they just let the actress rest in peace and stop spreading nonsense rumors about her anymore

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FACE magazine vol.48

yeah the magazine just released some picture today
they are old but at least its fungyi

Rumoured couple, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, are once again paired together in HOG2. Last Monday on the 14th, the entire cast of HOG2 were together to help Linda celebrate her 24th birthday. Raymond's best buddies, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong, also stirred up the atmosphere to help Ray give a birthday kiss to his crush girl.

The word is that for the sake of making Linda happy and winning her heart, Raymond offered to pay for dinner and bring everyone to karaoke to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately, Linda doesn't seem to share his feelings and even said, "I'm not with him. He's only a good friend!" The underlying meaning is that it's okay for him to treat dinner and give presents, but definitely no way to spend their lives together forever!

Another part of the article.
Raymond Lam is very obvious in his pursuit of Linda Chung, causing the cast of HOG2 to often make fun of him. According to a crew member: "The cast always poke fun at him. Sometimes, they'll raise their voice and say 'Linda's so nice! Raymond, you should consider her!" Last Monday on the 14th, the cast of HOG2 rounded up to celebrate the April and May birthdays of Moses chan, Linda Chung, and Susanna Kwan. Tavia Yeung led the cast to push Raymond to kissing Linda. Reporters also saw Tavia whispering to Raymond, "This is definitely to your benefit!". Even Dai Kai, Li See Kai, said to the reporters, "You guys should give them space for development."

Aside from offering flowers and a birthday kiss, Raymond also secretly gave Linda a birthday present and often sends her sweet SMS messages, hoping to touch her heart. Raymond has a rich family background. His dad has the nickname of "Hing Moon Lee Ka Sing", with his wealth estimated to be around 600 million dollars. It's not surprising that most people would clamor for his affections, however, Linda claimed to Face magazine that her ideal partner is not Raymond.

F: Face
L: Linda

F: People are saying that Raymond is pursuing you!
L: No. (Is there any chance of developing a romance?) We're coworkers. I've worked with him twice already, he's only a good friend!
F: Is Raymond your ideal type?
L: My ideal boyfriend cannot know how to speak Chinese, but must be Chinese himself. In other words, he has to be an ABC. The most important thing is that he has to treat me well. Money is not important!

Credits to Hollipop @ AF

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[Video clip]HOG2 Birthday Party and Info on HOG2's character

Some info on Tavia's character in HOG2 - not sure whether it is 100% accurate.Somebody posted on tvbchinesenews blog and HOG2 thread, info on Tavia and Linda/Ray/Bosco.
This articles was written about the Four Beauties of HOG 2 - Linda,Tavia, Fala & Kate

It seems Tavia's character is very likeable - she is mature, strongwilled, holds on to her principles, very pitiful because of her adopted status. She secretly loves Moses but does not dare to speak up until Kate comes in to woo Moses.

Also would like to add that in HOG 2 Linda will have her own love storyline like in the first HOG so it means most of her problems don't have anything to do with the main family storyline...... also Raymond and Linda were childhood sweethearts but due to LSK & Ha Yu's divorce they had problems and then Linda's character had to study abroad so they went their separate ways until they meet a few years later but due to the time they are unable to get back together ..... then Linda is in love with Bosco but she finds out that he was two-timing her and had a long time girlfriend so she decides to back out of the relationship and didn't want to become the third party like her mother..... so then Raymond & Linda support each other coz they have both been hurt before by other people and i guess thats how they find their feeling again ... Raymond is like Linda's Guardian Angel ....... and i'm happy to hear that Linda doesn't have many crying scenes like in HOG but her love storyline is very moving so she will gain a lot of sympathy ...... Okay doesn't her storyline his time sort of sound like in HOG with the who third party thing??

okay i only Summarized Linda's part and Jaslyn wrote about Tavia part but yeah Kate & Fala's parts are what we already know already nothing new

Infor Credits to : easeter256

another video clip with tavia in it.
Credits to ???

Casts from HOG2 were celebrating Moses, Linda and Suzanna's birthday. Although there is no element of surprises but it is very heart warming.

Moses: They had this very big cake for me. Li Xiang Qin even gave me a Hongbao so i am very happy. my birthday wish is i can find my dream house. actually while i was filming HOG, i bought a house. this time i hope it is the same. the responses for this show is generally quite good even though it hasn't been aired. HOG1 got an award last year. There are quit a no. of joyous things. My birthday, Suzanna Kwan's, Linda's and Kate got an award. so i hope the effect of the sequel will be as good as the first one.

Besides singing birthday day and giving cakes, the crew arranged two hot guys to give Linda flowers. Bosco is sick so the task is left to Raymond.

Raymond: Of course i am embarrassed oh please. There are so many ppl here and i blush easily. Actually their birthday were over already but we did send them greetings on their birthdays. Since the three of their birthdays are quite near and the crew arranged for such a function, we can celebrate it together.

Moses is no weakling. Moses's gf, Tavia and kate presented flowers to moses. also, Tavia teased moses about receiving sms and calls during filming.

Tavia: Actually moses didn't receive sms all day long. but i feel that birthday boy should receive many greetings so me and kate wished that he can receive a lot of greetings and it shows that he has a good personality and many good friends. i wish them a happy birthday here and good health and earn lots of money. i didn't prepare a present for them so here is a kiss from me. muack! happy birthday

other than moses and Linda, Suzanna kwan will be celebrating her birthday in may.

LSK: Birthday parties are always very high, not to mention three celebrations. so all of us are very happy esp me cause i really like this cake.

Suzanna: am really very happy today that they celebrate my birthday in advance. am celebrating with the casts made this event more enjoyable. all of them wish that i will be happy, healthy and youthful always, pretty everyday and this is the most important.

LSK: We will celebrate for Suzanna again in may and give her a present. cause all of us are very busy today as we filmed till 4am yesterday and woke up at 10am so there isnt any time to shop for presents. so this is just a prelude to a grand birthday celebration.there are quite a no. of newly added casts in this drama which includes Li Xiang Qin and Kate who just attained her award.

Kate: My character in HOG2 is quite special because i will be acting as a villain. i am quite nervous as i was reading my script. I told the producer that i don't have much faith in acting out this role. and he scolded me for lacking in confidence. i told him it is a villain role and he told me to just try my best. there is a first time for everybody. this character is quite bad in a sense she will do anything to get what she wants. so i felt there is some difficulty.

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HOG 2 Cast Celebrate birthday

the video clip to the birthday bash

Another article
Raymond Lam Shares Birthday Kiss With Linda Chung
14 April 2008
Emma Lam

The cast of TVB drama Heart Of Greed 2 <溏心風暴之家好月圓> held a special birthday party today on the set where the drama is currently being filmed.

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Moses Chan (陳豪) and Susanna Kwan (關菊英) all have birthdays in April and May, so in the joint celebration, they were presented with a cake by the company. Veteran star Lee Heung Kam (李香琴) also handed out lucky packets to the birthday stars.

Raymond Lam (林峯) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) presented flowers to Linda and a playful Tavia Yeung (楊怡) kept pushing Raymond to give his rumoured girlfriend, Linda, a kiss and leaving them both a little embarrassed.

In the end, Raymond gave Linda a kiss on her ear and Tavia laughed at him and said: "You've profitted from that, remember to take me out to dinner!" Raymond tried to laugh it off by saying that equality prevails nowadays, so perhaps it was Linda who had taken advantage of him instead.

Linda celebrated her birthday at work on 09 April, but she revealed that she had been out with some friends who had bought her perfume and toys as gifts. Asked if Raymond had given her a gift, she smiled that he was just a friend, so he was not obliged to.

Moses received flowers from Tavia and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and the ladies revealed that he was often on the phone and sending and receiving text messages. Asked if he was keeping in touch with rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), he explained that he was just dealing with work-related calls and messages. Asked if Bernice had bought him a birthday gift, he replied that she had not.

Kate was fresh from celebrations yesterday evening after winning her Best Newcomer award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. She attended two parties after the show, an official party arranged by her film company and then a second party with her friends and fans. She revealed that she contacted her mother via the internet as soon as she arrived home and her father had watched the show on television, so he was also very pleased for her.

Linda was also nominated for the award, but she said she was not disappointed at losing to Kate. She expressed her happiness for Kate and pledged to continue working hard in the future.

Credits to

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Raymond Lam gives Linda Chung a Birthday Kiss

Translated by: Sammy@ +
Date: 15/04/2008

Rumoured couple Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, attended a function yesterday, and was forced by Tavia Yeung to kiss. She made Raymond kiss Linda, leaving the two feeling extremely awkward, but in the end Raymond only kissed Linda on the Ear.

HOG II crew was all there including, Lei Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Fala Chan and Bosco Wong all participated in a birthday function. In April and May Moses,Linda and Susanna will be celebrating their birthday. That day, they made Raymond Lam kiss Linda after Bosco gave Linda flowers. Bosco said he couldn’t give her a kiss because he was sick, so they asked Raymond to kiss Linda. In the end Raymond only kissed her ear. Tavia then shouted “Raymond, you have to take us out for a meal!”

Friends SMS to wish Linda Happy Birthday

Afterwards, the rumoured couple expressed themselves. Linda Said “Raymond’s kiss felt a little awkward since so many people were watching us, but I was really happy because so many celebrated my birthday with me. (Did Raymond give you a birthday present?) We are all friends so there is no need for a present, but many people SMS me to wish me Happy Birthday. Raymond Said “I have thin skin, so it felt really awkward. (Did Tavia’s words make you kiss her?) No, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s a typical girl-boy thing, and if it was me I would say that too!”

Moses will be happy with a lolly as his present

Moses Chan is celebrating his birthday on the 16th of April . He expressed that he will be working that day. Asked if he had made a date, to go out with Bernice, he shaked his head and said “No, When filming, it is very hard to find time. A phrase “Happy Birthday” is enough. (What did Bernice previously send to you?) A hand made cake. (What about this year?) Anything will do 10 mosquito papers?!? Or one lolly will make me happy.

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