Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Raymond Update

MR filming 15th June


Pictures from Ernest Borel Watch Advertisement


Today's Solar Project 2008 Press Conference

Creidts: TungStar, raymond Forest , Kaka , Raymond's baidu Bar


she updated with a video also

News came out today that Tavia will NOT take part in A pillowcase of Mystery II ...... the only person from the original series taking part in the second series is Bobby the other original cast Kenix, Tavia & Benny will not take part in the sequel they only kept Bobby's role because his a rating granter........ But APOM II will not be a continuation of the first series it will have a completely new storyline and Jessica Hsuan will be the new female lead so everything will be different i guess it is okay to not put Tavia in the second one since it is a completely new storyline plus i think i much rather her film something new and different preferably an evil type of character for a change

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