Monday, July 28, 2008

28/07 Update on MR & Raymond function

well i only uploaded the scoop clip on SFY Youtube account because it has fungyi in it lol well like for 2 sec but it's funny Tavia was making fun of Raymond i think it's about how it looks like he was wearing a sport bra from behind and you see Bosoc leaning behind Raymond to look and then Raymond heard Tavia and he pretended to hit her lol and she is just standing there laughing

for direct DL you can visit baidu :
Scoop Clip
TVB-E clip

Picture from Today's TVB Olympic promotion

Sunday, July 27, 2008

MR promotion 27/07

Today's MR promotional event
Have a fungyi picture well yeah Tavia is touching Raymond lol and there is the extremely blurry fan taken picture but yeah she was leaning over to talk to him
I think tavia is beginning to be like raymond is the sense that she is beginning to recycle her clothes a lot lol she wore this same dress at the Taiwan event with Bosoc .... but she hasn't turned out as bad as Raymond yet coz i would see him wear the same shirt for like 5-6 events and then he would find something new to wear and repeat that cycle over again but i guess you can't always have new clothes all the time

Anyways Raymond was 20minutes late to the event because he just landed in HK from Malaysia and then had to rush all the way to the event (that's why he looks so weird -_- and i hate his damn ugly hat his worn it for 3 days straight)> when he just arrived to the event Moses and Tavia were making fun of him because the yellow T-shirt he wore was thin and you could see his undershirt which made it look like he was wearing a bra (LMAO Movia are so funny)

edit: wow lot of fungyi picture are out and everyone was really fascinated by Raymond's diamond earring they kept looking at it and comparing it to the one that Bosco was wearing lol Tavia was always point to it .... well my fav picture are these:

More pictures at Forum

TVB Weekly Vol.579

TVB Weekly episodes guides for for the five episode of Moonlight Resonance ..... i think i'm looking forward to chapter 5 with the fungyi scene there as seen in the picture it the part where Tavia runs away from the family because her BF broke up with her and Raymond's there to comfort her

TVB has upload 3 NG clips on their site :
There is one of:

  • Raymond talking of Linda's character you only hear his voice because the camera is focused on Fala & Tavia just show the NG part and how Fala had to do sign language a few time because some people didn't understand it
  • LSK's family scene of Suzanna talking about how her husband cheat on her and there is a tiny part in the scene where Raymond leans towards Tavia and whispers something to her and they laugh and then they NG after that
  • Raymond & Linda singing to the elderly people and Linda kept NGing coz she couldn't swing the chair all around lol and Raymond really plays the guitar in the scene how awesome
Anyways after watching so many clip i'm looking forward to the family scenes seems to be quiet a few fungyi interactions HEHE can't wait

Saturday, July 26, 2008

MR updates from Offical site

Character Profile Pictures

Some Official Wallpapers to share

Buzz Entertainment News Preview

I feel bad for Tavia's character becoz right from the start Suzanna had treated her like an outsider and i guess things just got worse from there ..... She really did look happy when she first meet Sa Yee until that comment came out ....... but the fungyi scene of tavia hitting dorky raymond on the head is cute


Clips from the Offical site

Clip 1 : Raymond, Moses, Tavia & Ha Yu choosing drinks .... Tavia is so cute at the start. She kept saying how she wasn't suppose to drank any of these drinks because she is sick

Clip 2 : Clips of Raymond sleeping on MR set so cute ... his like standing there and sleeping and then sleeps on the table lol and Fala is just sitting there reading a magazine

Clip 3 : Tavia & Vincent mucking around BTS

Clip 4 : Vincent Propses to Tavia with his diamond ring made out of dough LMAO

Clip 5 : Tavia talking about Kate well she talking from her character's perspective and is saying how Kate may be better than her but she will be fighting back to snatch back what's hers

clip 6: Tavia & Fala

Clip 7: Tavia talks about her character in MR

Clip 8: Raymond-Linda-Bosco talks about their love relationship in MR

Clip 9: Raymond with BB

wow that was a lot of clips but enjoy everyone lol =X

Friday, July 25, 2008

MR pictures

Found some picture of MR from magazine scans i only posted the ones where the mag posted new pictures of fungyi and some pictures from the MR promotional event but they are blurry and also pictures from the AOD webpage once again only fungyi pictures are posted

YES! Magazine

Sudden 678

fan taken pictures from MR event

PLUS TVB-8 clips of event


Credits:As Stated, Raymond forest, raymond's baidu bar


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Video for the offical celebration for MR




Translations of both clips can be found at the Forum

The video is up but i dont know to upload it here so have to wait for yen to do it. meanwhile, got the links for DL from some tudou website.


Signed out by Irrationally_adept

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tavia at Hong Kong Book Fair event

HAHA okay i really don't know what the event is about it like some promotion thing for the show "On the road" wow does that mean Tavia might do a special for "On the Road" i would like to see her and Myolie go together would be interesting
but awww i miss Seeing tavia with myolie i like their friendship very close i hope tavia has an event with bernice soon coz i haven't seen them together in ages... anyways i'm not really liking Myolie's new hair cut doesn't really suit her i kind of liked her with the long bangs + short hair or she could grow her hair long again i miss her's & Tavia's long hair

Credits:Tungstar &