Monday, June 30, 2008

Tavia Message to TY

Tavia left a message on TaviaYeunG.Com the other day

HELLO,你们好吗?好久不见了,因为拍摄胜雪盐栈和溏心2的关系,所以一直没有给大家留言,十分SORRY!现在2套剧集都顺利拍完啦,只系剩下后期 工作,由其系溏心2,今次有不同的人物加入,而且自己的角式和上一集也不同,一定会带给大家新鲜感呢!接下来的工作系到马来西亚宣传、拍广告、唱歌和最重 要可以和当地的fans们见面,所以大家有时间记得嚟支持我呀!至於剧集方面的安排,迟吓再告诉大家,先休息,变番个靓样先最重要,哈哈 哈...........
2008/06/28(Sat) 11:34 [5517]

Hello, how are you guys? Havent seen you guys for so long. Been filming ST and MR and so didn’t leave a msg for you guys. Very sorry about it. Now tat both series has wrapped up, it is only left wih the after filming esp for MR. this time round, there is a no. of new characters included and my character inside is different from HOG's. it will definitely bring some freshness to everybody. Coming up next is promotion in malaysia, filming advertisements, singing and most important can meet with the fans there so everybody must remember to support me. Regarding the broadcasting of the series, i will let you guys know later. need to rest now so that i can regain my looks. haha.

From tavia's blog
ST has many fighting scenes and often has to use swords. Filming fighting scenes are really tough. Although the crew prepared a substitude for me, but to enhance the filming effects, I always film those scenes personally. Everybody have to look out when this show is aired.

Translation Credit: irrationally adept

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