Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweetness in the Salt theme

Theme video

Astro Previews:
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Monday, December 29, 2008

TVB CNY cards

wow i haven't updated in 10 days that's a long time hahha sorry about that. Anyways i'm still in holidays festive mode until after New Year lol

But yes just a short update coz i'm not up to date with Fungyi, Tavia or Raymond's news lately so really don't know what is happening to them right now
but just want to mention that TVB has warehouse "Sweetness in the Salt" but it will air on Astro and Internationally in January 5th taking over "Pages of Treasure" time slot ... TVB instead has chosen to air Royal Tramp (AKA Duke of Mount Deer) are mainland series that is quiet popular .... but hopefully TVB will choose to air "Sweetness in the Salt" in Hong Kong at later time but who knows TVB has been airing less and less ancient series lately as it appear it doesn't appeal to the HK audience and most the ancient series get really low ratings

Oh and TVB Chinese New Year red pockets for 2009 and once again TVB chooses to leave Tavia out of it -_- so disappointing

Friday, December 19, 2008

Update mostly raymond

wow sorry for not updating ... but really Christmas is kicking my arse this year don't have time to catch on fungyi stuff anymore but yes here is pictures and stuff i got a few days back enjoy!!!! anyways i think updates will continue to be slow until New Years so sorry about that.... plus kind of going into a fungyi drought again which is sad


08/12/17 - Gucci Opening

More Pictures:08/12/17 - Gucci Opening
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

08/12/17 - Expo Shanghai China

More Pictures:500 Days to Expo Shanghai China

08/12/15 - Jade Solid Gold election 3rd Round

More Pictures:08/12/15 - JSG 3rd Round
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

08/12/08 - METRO function

More Pictures:08/12/14 - Metro Function
Direct DL news Clips: Yuki's Blog

iWeekly no.581

Extra Tavia H2O+ Pictures

News Article: Tavia Yeung to be a happy person

A/N: yeah i haven't DL any of the clips so i have no idea what they are about lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raymond's new Awards + Tavia Filming

13th Asian Television Awards in Singapore ...
Raymond won Best Performance in a Drama by an Actor for his role in Tai Chi

New i found at Raymond Forest

Breaking News: Yifeng mistakenly took Guo Liang's trophy as Asia’s Best Presenter
Posted 发表于 Thursday, December 11, 2008 11:01 PM by 作者 paulchan

Though other artistes like Huang Weng Yong (he lost to Hong Kong TVB's 林峰 in The Master of Tai Chi 太极), Patricia Mok, Jeanette Aw and Michelle Chong did not win in the end, they must have also scored very well (maybe even 2nd placing) and contributed to the overall biggest win for MediaCorp – Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year!

Congratulations to Yifeng and my company for winning a total of 6 awards plus the most coveted Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year!

By the way, Ch 8 will be screening 林峰的‘塘心风暴’ next year...

Another Article on Af : http://asianfanatics.net/forum/Raymond-Lam-won-The-Best-Drama-Actor-Award-in-Asian-Television-Awards-2008-talk608176.html

More of those after Award pictures here :
After Celebration of Asian Television Awards

Yahoo! Popular searches Award 2008
Raymond won
Most Searched TV Male Artist award
Most Popular Searched Song for "Love with no regrets"
Most Searched Series is "Moonlight Resonance"

Credits: as stated & Raymond Forest

Tavia filming "the stars of Love"
credits:麦迪 @tavia.org