Thursday, January 31, 2008

Raymond Lam faces Dai Kei with Pressure

Raymond Lam faces Dai Kei with Pressure

30th January 2008

Raymond Lam, Lei Si Kei and Fala Chan yesterday were learning how to make Moon cakes for HOG2. The announcement was that at 4:30 they were going to starting learning. But Raymond was late ½ and hour which caused them to wait. Raymond explained that because he was taking pictures for a magazine, and also he wasn’t sure about the time, was his excuse for being late. He explained to Lei Si Kei that next time they started work he wouldn’t be late.In the series he says he is a Moon Cake chef, but he himself loves moon cafes. He also likes the egg yolk, and Lao Por Beng (老婆餅) and he is worried that before they even start filming, he will keep eating moon cakes which might make him fat. This time Si Kei has competition and also Ha Yu, is of very high standard and is also nervous. When everything is just beginning he already feels the pressure.

Translated by: Sammy@
Source: Mingpao

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Originally a FungYi Reunion but thwarted by senior executive

Originally a FungYi Reunion but thwarted by senior executive
7th of Jan 2008

previously the top person in tvb want moses to continue be ddd but suddenly they change ray 2 be e main actor. Also, ray isn't dai kei's son and is acting as a doctor previously and ray is going to have relationship wif tavia and kate but tvb top person doesn't like the idea so change ray to be moses' brother and he is going be a pair wif linda

Credit to seeying90 and Fox

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