Sunday, June 27, 2004

TVB "Twin of Brothers" will begin airing in July

TVB "Twin of Brothers" will begin airing in July
June 26, 2004

TVB's ancient drama "Twin of Brothers" (formerly referred to as "Double Dragon of the Tang") starring Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung will begin airing in July and the two 'kings of newcomers' will begin a series of on-screen 'battles' with each other.

However, even before airing, the first battle has been won by Raymond, who will be singing the theme tune to the show.Raymond and Ron are both young leads who are being heavily promoted by TVB and although they have some conflict in their careers, they are good friends in real life and dislike the comparison made between them by everyone. Little wonder that when Raymond was asked how he felt about 'winning' Ron on the theme tune matter, he immediately defended his friend: "You can't describe it as winning, the reason why the producer asked me to sing it was because I have a recording contract and it doesn't matter who sings the theme tune. (Will you let the conflicts affect your friendship?) I believe that this will not affect our relationship now or in the future, I think the reason they cast Ron and I to be the 'double dragons' was because we are really good friends."

As for whether Ron is bothered by not singing the theme tune, he says acceptantly: "No, it doesn't matter who sings it but Raymond has more experience at singing and he has a record contract." Ron says that although he was unable to sing the theme tune for "Twin", he will be singing the theme to "Destinies of the Western Chamber" that will be aired soon, together with Myolie Wu.


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