Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tavia loses money from jobs, as painful as chopping off her fingers

Tavia was at a French fashion boutique yesterday as a guest to cut the ribbon at its opening. Tavia's very satisfied with the pay she'll get from this event. The shop will also sponsor her with clothes. The clothes sold by the shop follow a more mature style and Tavia says that her future roles in drama series will lean towards the matured and cultured directions. Hence, those clothes will be of good use.

Pimples Outbreak

Tavia, who hasn't been seen much lately, has been busy filming . Perhaps the filming had been too hard on her; there were a few pimples on her face. Hearing this remark, she looked into the mirror and laughed, "How did you guys manage to see it! (Was it exhausting?) Just a bit! There are 40 episodes and will be aired by late July so we'll finish it by mid-June." Although filming had been a rush, everyone hopes that it can be aired soon so as to ride on HOG 1's popularity. If she has to attent promotional events right after filming ends, wouldn't she have no time for play [fun]? She laughed, "I'll take the promotions as play! Besides, I've not been in the news for so long, I hope to be in the news more frequently." Due to her tight filming schedule for the past few months, Tavia had lost a lot of advertisement jobs, ribbon-cutting invites and other public appearance jobs. She had lost a 7-figure sum worth of pay. She laughed, "It's as painful as having your fingers chopped off but never mind! I have to perform well for the series and I believe that this series will benefit me much more. A little loss can pave the future road for me.

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