Monday, June 30, 2008

Fung Forever Gathering

For people who want to watch the FF gathering clip it can be downloaded here at

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If you download part 8 of the clip Raymond talks about Tavia being his best On-screen partner. The question that was asked is really funny
The Question was:
"With who do i partner up with do i have feel, with who do i dance with best, with who do i film MV with is the most memorable, with who do i play am i most happy. Pick Girl or Pick Boy doesn't matter. Each question must be answered with one person. From table 7 seat 6"

Clip can be viewed here:

i posted this yesterday but i think I'll put it in this post so it's neater

FF shoot a video clip of the fan meeting but it's like 4 GB so it will take them a while to edit and upload it
Fans who went to the FF meeting said that Raymond mentioned the following:

  1. His new album will have some fast songs
  2. The title song for the album will still be a ballad , not a fast song
  3. This third point i don't really get sorry something about - This year going to have a performance/concert?? with one male and one female guest star. Both will do a dance. The guest star are not TVB people. The male performer is Vaness Wu and the female is Joey Yung.
  4. He will not shoot anymore TVB dramas this year
  5. Maybe at the end of this year - beginning of next year he will start shooting another drama in Mainland China. Said to be a grand production, but it is not finalised yet so he can't give out much detail about it

Awww how sad Raymond really is only filming one TVB series a year now maybe it is because MR took a really really long time to film sad to see that the chances of Fungyi pairing up again is very very slim since Raymond is not filming much TVB series anymore . So i'm also taking it as the news of Raymond being is Tommy Leung's Grand production in November is false as well since he said he isn't filming any more TVB series this year plus his next filming project is the mainland series. Well unless the Tommy series is a joint project between TVB & A Mainland company but i doubt something like that is going to happen since TDOL wasn't very successful in HK.

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