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Heart of Greed" Reaches Finale Week - TVB Pledge To Reunite Cast In New Series

Heart of Greed" Reaches Finale Week - TVB Pledge To Reunite Cast In New Series
May 28, 2007

TVB series "Heart of Greed" will be airing its final episode on Friday and a celebration party was held yesterday for the cast and crew, attendees included Lee Si Kei, Ha Yu, Susanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong and Linda Chung as well as executive Catherine Tsang, who promised that the cast would be reunited once again for another production, saying that no-one would be left out.

The hype around the series keeps on growing and ratings last week averaged 35 points, peaking on Thursday at 40 points, pulling in 2.5 million viewers. As well as opening the champagne to celebrate, they also took a guess at the finale ratings to pass 48 points. As for the steady rise in viewers, Tavia and Linda were both very happy. Tavia has decided together with Bosco to take everyone out for a buffet, whilst Linda will be chipping in with Raymond Lam to pay for karaoke. As for the pledge from Catherine for another series together, they all joined together and said: "That would be the best!"

Catherine also wished Bosco good look for the Thailand release of his series "Devil's Disciple" in Thailand as Bosco and Kevin will be flying out to promote the show and record the Thai theme song tomorrow. Bosco says: "I have to do 20 interviews in 3 days, so I have to take over ten outfits. Fortunately I have my sponsors to help me out." As for another series with the "Heart" cast, Bosco says: "Of course I would like to film this, the best would be to carry on the theme of food! (But isn't it boring seeing you paired with Tavia again?) So next time we should have a big swap around and Ha Yu should be paired with Fala and I will be paired with Susanna. (Why don't you choose Fala?) We have had rumours so it would be boring. I'd like a change even if it is with Linda!"

With the ratings peaking when Susanna's 'Sai Kai' divorced Ha Yu in the show on Thursday, even beating Dai Kai's death scene, this proves her popularity has risen a lot. She says happily: "I am really happy, although people scold me every day, I am still happy."

She indicates that she is not being scolded in the streets, but in the internet forum polls, where netizens will talk about every scene and say to her: "Sai Kai, stop it now! Sheung Joi Dak is tricking you, please return to Dai Bau!" She feels that it is rare for a series to attract viewers' concern in this way and it is down to several elements, including the script, the roles and the media coverage.

As for her episode even beating Si Kei's big scene, she says: "The opening is very important because it has caught the viewers' attention and the ratings keep getting better. (Are you hoping for a new record in the ratings?) I am confident, but as for how much, I hope we will be as good as 'Jewel in the Palace' and 'War and Beauty'."

In order to celebrate the ratings, Susanna and Ha Yu will be taking everyone out for dinner. Asked if she would like an award at the end of the year? She says: "I have not really thought about awards, I am already very good and for people to say I am performing well is already an award for me, so if I do receive one, then it will be a bonus. (Is this your representative piece?) I daren't claim it to be, because I am just a high school student when it comes to filming series. I can just say it was a very memorable production and I will continue to sing." As for the original cast being reunited, she is very supportive, but hopes that it will be a longer series as 40 episodes is too short.

Following the success of airing the finale to "Jewel in the Palace" in a shopping centre in the past, the malls of Hong Kong have been fighting for the right to air the finale to "Heart" in their precints on Friday. TVB sold these rights to the highest bidder and it was Tsuen Wan's Discovery Park that won. They will also be hosting a special abalone banquet in the centre to mark the occasion. Although they lost out, Hollywood Plaza will be airing some other episodes this week on a 250 inch screen and will also be holding some promotional events and lucky draws to win abalone prizes. With rumours on the internet that the show will have two endings, producer Lau Ka Ho denied this yesterday.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hong Kong Star Raymond Lam is Fluent In Taiwanese

Hong Kong Star Raymond Lam is Fluent In Taiwanese
20th May 2007

Raymond Lam, who went to Taiwan to promote his series "Face to Fate", met one of his "people"! Raymond's actually from Xiamen, and was fluent in Taiwanese. When he was at the radio station, he found out that the host Ng Kin Hang was also from Xiamen; the both happily chatted. A Hong Kong star actually knows how to speak Taiwanese; Raymond Lam's in "Face to Fate" which is airing on TVBS-G at 9pm. He especially flew to Taiwan for promotions and showed his Taiwanese skills, which amazed many others, because none of them thought a Hong Kong star would be able to speak it. Raymond laughs, he's 100% from Xiamen, and returned to Hong Kong for his career; in Hong Kong nobody speaks his language, so going to Taiwan gave him a change to speak it. Raymond accepted the invitation to a radio show hosted by Ng Kin Hang and the two of them realized that they came from the same place, and Ng regretted for knowning Raymond so late, because Raymond's father is Lam Wah Kwok, Ng says, "I should have known you earlier, I could have been rich!" Raymond also says, besides Ng Kin Hang, another person that's from the same region as him is Ng Man Dat, the famous actor. Raymond explains, in Hong Kong, nobody can communicate with him in Taiwanese,in the 8 years of being an actor, he only spoke Taiwanese to Ng Man Dat. When the two of them were talking, they realized that they were both from Xiamen, and Ng Man Dat's region was very close to Raymond and could have swam there.

credits: Raymondforest
translated by: VickieThe Beehive

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tavia Yeung - The Worst of a Woman's Heart

Tavia Yeung - The Worst of a Woman's Heart

13th of May 2007

Tavia Yeung - The Worst of a Woman's Heart
After seven years in the industry, Tavia Yeung has recently received high acclaim for her role in hit drama "Heart of Greed" and her acting talent has been brought to light.
TVB's series "Heart of Greed" has some very twisting storylines that have been the talking point of the city recently as have the characters in the show. Apart from the veteran stars such as Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan and Ha Yu receiving praise for their performances, rising female star Tavia has also been accepted as many netizens comment on the improvements to her acting ability, allowing her to break through the young female artistes and become tipped to be the next leading lady.

In response to the good reviews for her acting, Tavia says: "I am very happy and never imagined I would receive so many compliments, because this character has an affair and drinks and smokes, so I was worried that she would not be well accepted. With such a breakthrough, it just proves that if a woman is not bad, then she will not be loved by a man."

Low Profile - No Gossip
Tavia was a student of the 13th Artiste Training Class and after her graduation, she was immediately selected by a producer to take part in "Golden Faith" that starred Gallen Lo and Jessica Hsuan. Since then, she has had one series after another and in the series "The Awakening Story", she forged a road for herself by playing Maggie Cheung Ho Yee's sister. As there are some elements of similarity in their appearances, this earned her the title of 'Maggie Lookalike', but through her subsequent hard work, she moved out of Maggie's shadow and found her own tranche. In seven years, Tavia has filmed over 40 series and among all her roles, her favourite was Tam Chu Mei in "Dicey Business": "The character was one where I had to pack my bust to portray a 36D and also had to give her a speech impediment, so it was a breakthrough and a challenge."

Since entering the industry, Tavia has kept a low profile and has rarely had any rumours or gossip. Although this is a disadvantage for her popularity, but she does not lose out on acting talent at all. In 2004, she took the TVB anniversary award for "Most Improved Female" for her role in "Vigilante Force", so no wonder she has been the subject of promotion by the company.

Sudden Change in Figure - Sexy Object
Since her appearance, Tavia has always portrayed an image of being very innocent and simple, like the girl next door, wearing very conservative clothes in front of the camera and giving a tomboyish look. Only after playing the sexy object in "Dicey Business" did she wave goodbye to her tomboy image, becoming more feminine and more sexy and giving everyone a fresh surprise. Recently she has become spokemodel for slimming and breast enhancement companies, often taking part in sexy promotional shows or shooting ads. Having sucessfully changed her image, Tavia says: "In showbiz you cannot stay the same all the time, but accepting a sexier image does not mean that I am sexually promiscuous. I do not want to go to down the sexy route, I just want to extend my range of images and not limit myself to the girl next door."
Changing Roles - Polishing Acting Skills
2001 - The Awakening StoryFresh on the scene, Tavia worked with leading lady Maggie Cheung as her younger sister Suen Hing Yan. Although she did not have much screentime, her resemblance to Maggie earned her the nickname of 'Maggie Lookalike' and she became noticed.
2003 - Whatever it Takes
Leading lady Tavia plays Mo Yung Suet, who is both intelligent and beautiful, but very stubborn. She falls for Evergreen Mak and gives her life for him in the end. As her ancient costume image is beautiful, she becomes target to be selected for many other ancient dramas in the future.
2003 - Vigilante Force
Although the series is led by Bowie Lam, Benny Chan and Kenix Kwok, with Tavia in a supporting role, her character as an unmarried mother Kelly Wan and her hugely fluctuating moods gave her a lot of screentime and won her the award for "Most Improved Female" as her skills became recognised.
2005 - The Academy
The series was based on police cadets, but Tavia's character was from a family of conmen. She had plenty of romance scenes with cadet Ron Ng, including some passionate kiss scenes that were picked out as real kisses full of emotion.
2006 - Dicey Business
The storyline was about the battles between Bobby Au Yeung and Michael Miu, but Tavia's role of Tam Chu Mei was particularly eyecatching and she had to put in some fake breasts for her role. With the character being greedy and amusing, she broke through her image of being a good girl and the fresh image broke the mould.
Praises from Seniors - Crying on Cue
Tavia worked with many veteran actors in "Heart", so what do they have to say about her?
Lee Si Kei: Tavia is very smart, her acting is very regulated, especially when she is in an emotional scene, when she becomes very absorbed, crying on cue and very skilful! Her obstinate character is very convincing and she is really very good.
Susanna Kwan: She is a good girl! Her acting is very professional and the deepest impression for me was when she was crying, she would do it exactly when needed and it was like turning on a tap, she could control it so well. Also her crying look is not ugly at all.
Translated by: Em @ http://tvbspace.blogspot.com/
Source: The Sun
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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Fine Dining for "Heart of Greed" Cast - Lee Si Kei is Not Poor

More Fine Dining for "Heart of Greed" Cast - Lee Si Kei is Not Poor
May 8, 2007

Popular series "Heart of Greed" has had its fair share of dinner parties for the cast and crew and on Monday it was the turn of Lee Si Kei and Susanna Kwan to pay for three tables, taking the others out for another abalone meal. During this, they joined with 'Dai Bau' Ha Yu to announce the ratings results for last week, averaging at 32 points and they broke open the champagne to celebrate.

Also in attendance at this meal were Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Tracy Ip and Lai Lok Yi. However, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong and Yoyo Mung were all absent, probably busy filming for other series. With recent reports that she was living in poverty, Si Kei was asked how much this meal was costing her and Susanna and she smiled: "It is not too expensive, I can cope with it. (The reports suggest you are living frugally?) They are making theories about me when they see me shopping in Sham Shui Po, but they should not be so shallow." Si Kei also reveals that she plans to buy a car and an apartment. As she needed assistance walking when she was ill, then she could not drive herself, but now she has more or less recovered, she is starting to reconsider buying her own home and transport again. So does this mean she is not as poor as they say, she smiles: "So I will treat those reports as promotion. (Do you mind?) I am past the age of caring." As for the series doing well, Si Kei and Susanna have taken advantage of this to take on some promotional jobs to earn more money, but Si Kei says that she does not know how to do this very well because she is a little 'dopey'.

Linda was asked when it was her turn to pay for dinner and she said: "I am in the queue and I have never filmed a series with quite so many parties, so maybe I will look for a private and comfortable restaurant to have a buffet in. (Will you put on weight with so many meals?) No, I have lost weight, so I will eat more." Tavia says that all these dinner parties have made her very fussy and if she has to take the others out, she does not know what to eat. She also smiles that she is saving money, but of course she cannot afford abalone or sharks fin, so maybe she will go for sashimi instead.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Cast of 'Heart of Greed' Celebrates Susanna Kwan's Birthday

Cast of 'Heart of Greed' Celebrates Susanna Kwan's Birthday
May 4, 2007

TVB's "Heart of Greed" had filmed earlier in an abalone store and the owner invited the cast and crew members out to a special abalone and red wine banquet earlier, also celebrating Susanna Kwan's 49th birthday. Those in attendance included Lee Si Kei, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong. For her birthday wish, Susanna hopes for good health and world peace.

Susanna has had her fair share of gossip recently, firstly with rumours of animoscity between her and Lee Si Kei and then suggestions that she has been living off entertainment tycoon Cheung Yiu Wing for twenty years. In response, she says lightly: "The animoscity is between our characters in the storyline. (Do you know Mr Cheung well?) Of course I do, we have known each other for so many years and he has helped me to release my album and hold my concert." She insists that she will just laugh off the rumours and treat them as the offshoot of the popularity gained through the series that is causing the gossip. She adds: "I hope that they will just let it drop, he is a senior and an older person, so please give him some space. (Will you apologise to Mrs Cheung?) No, you wrote it, so it is nothing to do with me." Asked if she has any courters, she says she does not, but she is still living very happily especially after returning to filming series in Hong Kong, when she has been able to work with two of the senior ladies, Liza Wang and Si Kei. This makes her feel very fortunate and she is very happy working with such a big group of people, so she hopes that "Heart" will have a sequel. Asked how the deceased characters can come back, she says: "We can film another series with the same cast."

As well as the stories about her and Susanna, Si Kei has also had reports that she is living like a pauper and has to buy clothes costing just a few dollars. She says calmly in response to this: "It doesn't matter, maybe they just want to fight for readership. I will not get angry, maybe people will treat me even better!" She also reveals that as the cast of "Jewels Splendor" are away filming in Thailand, she has four days off because she does not have to go. Originally she had planned to go to France for a short vacation, but she does not really have enough time, so maybe she will go to Shanghai with a friend instead. Talking of the good ratings for "Heart", which reached a peak of 34 points and an average of 33 points, Si Kei agrees that the reviews have been very good and as for Susanna's suggestion of a sequel, she says: "My character has died, how can we do it? However, the cast and crew were all very happy, especially Ha Yu and Louis Yuen who really brought out the atmosphere."

Tavia and Moses presented some jewellery and red wine to Susanna as a birthday gift and Moses explained that as he did not have time to go shopping for a gift, he chose a bottle of red wine from his own collection to present to her. As for recent rumours that Linda Chung has been 'sticking' to him and he has been giving her lifts, he smiles: "I have not given her any lifts, even if I did, it was 'dak dak dei' (his character's nickname) who was driving her." Moses admits that he is the rumour kind, so when he sees other women, he will move away to avoid any more gossip.

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