Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MR pictures

The Face MAG Vol.056

Okay my attepmt of summarizing the article above:

  • Moses has a heart attack in Episode 33 ( originally he was meant to die in episode 33 but producer changed it)
  • In Total MR will have 41 episodes with a happy ending
  • SO Moses' character was meant to die in episode 33 leaving his girlfriend Tavia behind but because the series is being shown during the mid-autumn festival the producer thought that it wouldn't be a good idea for Moses to die so they had to change the ending.
  • Last friday the 13th to save time Raymond walked around TVB city changing his shirt.... he looks fit
  • Since Moses is not going to die he gets married to tavia and due to his poor health his had to close down is investment company and instead own a bakery shop.
  • Kate gets married to Lai LokYi in the end

HEHEH Look at Raymond and His sexy back lol i can't believe the reporter was able to catch a picture like that

Credit:Raymond's Baidu Bar

Found these picture from Amy Ng's TVB blog

Also most of the cast of MR have finished filming all their parts only people left filming are Linda & Raymond they should be done on the 20th

Raymond has been chosen as one of the TVB Olympics Star for 2008 i don't know how many Olympics star they will have this year i don't know if it would be 6 Star like in 2004 we have to wait for the press conference to see ....... anyway a guy on baibu made a post and said that Raymond and Tavia were filming some where near his house and they were filming Olympic greeting clip type thing but they didn't film together though -_-.... and Raymond kept NGing lol

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