Sunday, July 27, 2008

TVB Weekly Vol.579

TVB Weekly episodes guides for for the five episode of Moonlight Resonance ..... i think i'm looking forward to chapter 5 with the fungyi scene there as seen in the picture it the part where Tavia runs away from the family because her BF broke up with her and Raymond's there to comfort her

TVB has upload 3 NG clips on their site :
There is one of:

  • Raymond talking of Linda's character you only hear his voice because the camera is focused on Fala & Tavia just show the NG part and how Fala had to do sign language a few time because some people didn't understand it
  • LSK's family scene of Suzanna talking about how her husband cheat on her and there is a tiny part in the scene where Raymond leans towards Tavia and whispers something to her and they laugh and then they NG after that
  • Raymond & Linda singing to the elderly people and Linda kept NGing coz she couldn't swing the chair all around lol and Raymond really plays the guitar in the scene how awesome
Anyways after watching so many clip i'm looking forward to the family scenes seems to be quiet a few fungyi interactions HEHE can't wait


Anonymous said...

hey, thanx so much for the scans!

snowfoxgirl said...

hey, thanx so much for the scans :P!