Sunday, July 27, 2008

MR promotion 27/07

Today's MR promotional event
Have a fungyi picture well yeah Tavia is touching Raymond lol and there is the extremely blurry fan taken picture but yeah she was leaning over to talk to him
I think tavia is beginning to be like raymond is the sense that she is beginning to recycle her clothes a lot lol she wore this same dress at the Taiwan event with Bosoc .... but she hasn't turned out as bad as Raymond yet coz i would see him wear the same shirt for like 5-6 events and then he would find something new to wear and repeat that cycle over again but i guess you can't always have new clothes all the time

Anyways Raymond was 20minutes late to the event because he just landed in HK from Malaysia and then had to rush all the way to the event (that's why he looks so weird -_- and i hate his damn ugly hat his worn it for 3 days straight)> when he just arrived to the event Moses and Tavia were making fun of him because the yellow T-shirt he wore was thin and you could see his undershirt which made it look like he was wearing a bra (LMAO Movia are so funny)

edit: wow lot of fungyi picture are out and everyone was really fascinated by Raymond's diamond earring they kept looking at it and comparing it to the one that Bosco was wearing lol Tavia was always point to it .... well my fav picture are these:

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