Saturday, July 26, 2008

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Buzz Entertainment News Preview

I feel bad for Tavia's character becoz right from the start Suzanna had treated her like an outsider and i guess things just got worse from there ..... She really did look happy when she first meet Sa Yee until that comment came out ....... but the fungyi scene of tavia hitting dorky raymond on the head is cute


Clips from the Offical site

Clip 1 : Raymond, Moses, Tavia & Ha Yu choosing drinks .... Tavia is so cute at the start. She kept saying how she wasn't suppose to drank any of these drinks because she is sick

Clip 2 : Clips of Raymond sleeping on MR set so cute ... his like standing there and sleeping and then sleeps on the table lol and Fala is just sitting there reading a magazine

Clip 3 : Tavia & Vincent mucking around BTS

Clip 4 : Vincent Propses to Tavia with his diamond ring made out of dough LMAO

Clip 5 : Tavia talking about Kate well she talking from her character's perspective and is saying how Kate may be better than her but she will be fighting back to snatch back what's hers

clip 6: Tavia & Fala

Clip 7: Tavia talks about her character in MR

Clip 8: Raymond-Linda-Bosco talks about their love relationship in MR

Clip 9: Raymond with BB

wow that was a lot of clips but enjoy everyone lol =X

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