Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moonlight Resonance TVB trailer 3

New trailer out this time it is about the 3 female leads of MR - Tavia, Linda & Fala and all the suffering they go through in the series ........... there is Tavia & Suzanna fight scene looks dramatic can't wait to see it. I pity here character from the trailer she really does seen like an outsider. Linda's character still reminds me of SJS for some reason i think it's the crying scene reminds me of HOG =X but who knows how her character will turn out like have to wait and see. I think i'm going to like Fala is the series seems like a breakthrough for her with being mute and all. I wish they added something about Kate's character as well. But maybe they will have the three villians version of MR trailer with Michelle Yim, Suzanna Kwan & Kate Tsui lol. I think they might also have the three male leads version as well with Raymond, Moses & Bosco since they have a veteran version & female leads version of the MR trailers out already.



Also Raymond updated his blog with a video of Him, Linda & Edwin performing the olympic song

Credits: 雪子Yuki

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