Thursday, July 10, 2008

MR - actor's screen time

Well Photobucket Isn't working right now so i can't upload any pictures but well i got some news on MR

from easter256

Male Side: Gam Wing Ho (Raymond Lam) will have the most screen time. Actually all three male actors screen time will be about the same. Only bosco will have the least screen time. He also enters the series very late as well.
Three Males: Ha Yu, MO, Ho GG(raymond)

Female Side: Linda the most then Tavia, Fala, Kate but the most screen time will go to Lee Si Kei she will have the most screen time out of all the cast


From a radio interview Lee heung Kam has revealed that she will die in episode 37, orginally she was meant to die in episode 29/30 but the producer increased her screen time by 8 chapters .... i think she is the only person who dies in MR


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