Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Raymond @ ShaTin Race coruse July 1st

EEG members at the Decathlon in ShaTin Race course
There is an MV out but i can't find a clear version just yet will update when i find a good version
Wow look at Raymond with the EEG family I'm still not use to seeing him with them maybe cause i have always seen Raymond with the TVB family but now he's joining the singing world we will be seeing him with a lot of singer from now on I still need some more getting use to it i guess.

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Okay found the MV well a fanvid of it very shaky

Mandarin Version

Cantonese mixed with Mandarin version
Clear version

IS it me or does Raymond sound really weird in the mandarin version doesn't even sound like his voice and it was really odd i dunno maybe it's due to the bad quality of the video but his voice sound better singing the cantonese version and his part was so short well a bit longer in the cantonese version but still he had such a little part in the MV
So which version did you guys like better ?

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