Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TVB MR videos - BTS & DotComMan videos

TVB finally releases some Behind the scene videos
hahaha i totally love all the DotComMan videos his interviews are so informal and funny and his twisting action when he exit is hilarious i love that TVB thought of something like this
Anyways I uploaded all clips containing Raymond & Tavia on Youtube

First DotComMan Clip : Well the start of the video shows the filming of when Raymond confronts Bosco about seeing him hold hands with another girl and after it's just DotcomMan talking about the scene and then his says that Yu So Chau (Linda's character) should contact him because he is even more good looking (than Raymond & bosco) haha. His so funny and his saying if anyone want to see him visit because his really good looking. But he didn't do his awesome twist at the end awwww.

Second DotComMan Clip : This is the filming of the family scene and at the start you see Tavia sitting next to Raymond and she is laughing a lot .... Then it switches to DotComMan who is at a restaurant across the street eating and he gets accused of not doing his job but his say that actually it looks like his eating but really his secretly taking photos but the camera doesn't work so he take out his binoculars out which can view stuff that are 5m away lol so anyways skip skip to where Raymond sees DotComMan and he comes across the street to eats with DotComMan and he gives a wink to the camera. Raymond is so cute when he says "thank you, Bye Bye" sound so fobby

To view more DotComMan interviews go here: 家好月圓‧DotComMan突擊
I think DotcomMan does the best interviews on the younger generation of actors/actresses coz he knows them the one with Susanna wasn't as funny coz he can't joke around as much but watch the one with Bosco it's funny as well

this clips is of Tavia asking Vincent if he gets distracted by Moses and then Raymond & Louis comes in saying these thai words to annoy them lol and Raymond is like "continue continue" but then then still speak those thai words and Tavia is saying how even if Moses doesn't talk his always smiling (his has a comical face) and that sometimes when filming and then you hear Raymond going "In those romance scenes you can't help it" and she was like yeah in the romance scene sometimes she can't help but laugh because of his expression and face.Then Raymond says something else i can't hear and Louis is like "she wants to kiss him". Then Tavia goes they NG but Moses keeps rushing them to film the scene but the more he rushes the more faster he speaks and makes everyone laughs more.

For more BTS clips go here: 家好月圓‧拍劇花絮

Credits: Raymond Forest & Raymond's baidu Bar

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