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Tavia "SOL" news& Raymond's new seires

On-screen couple, Tavia Yeung and Michael Tse play with shuttlecocks
Source : on.cc

Although this was the first time Tavia collaborated with Michael Tse, but they clicked together perfectly.

Tavia Yeung’s skills in kicking shuttlecocks were great and could even kick up to 10 times.

Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung always “fight” with each other behind the screen and he always ended up with scars on his body.

A few days ago, Tavia Yeung and Michael Tse filmed outdoor scene for “The Stars Of Love”. The scene talked about both of them entered couple shuttlecock kicking competition. In front of camera, they cooperated effectively but when the camera turned, they started to “fight” with each other. Both of them were making fun of each other and both of them were just like small kids. Really funny indeed.

In the series, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse and Steven Ma will have love triangle. When asked whether she will have any intimate scenes with Michael Tse, Tavia said, “Don’t have. Michael Tse wants it but I don’t let.” Is it he always makes fun on you? “Yes ar! He is a Cancer guy. Just like a soft crab. Really a rascal!”

Will not resist intimate scenes

In the other way, Michael Tse commented on Tavia and claimed that she is just like a tomboy and always hit him until he ended up with scars on his body. Michael said, “Before this, she watched martial arts by Yip Man and then wanted to try out “Wing Chun” martial arts with me. Every night when I was back at home, my wife asked me how come my body full of scars. Actually I was wheel-battled hit by Tavia Yeung and Mandy Cho. But after that I felt it was fun too.” Will your wife mind about it? “No, she wont. That is why we are playing and getting more crazily now. I treated her as a guy when I was playing with her.” Tavia said that you want to add kissing scenes? “She really is an imaginative person. If the storyline requires it, I will not mind since I never tried before kissing a guy!”

Had position and actual strength

During filming process, both of them really presented the scene well. Tavia Yeung who was known for her carelessness actually played shuttlecock kicking since small. No wonder her shuttlecock kicking skills had position and actual strength. “During childhood time, I always play shuttlecock kicking and also rope skipping with my sister. Normally, at least I can kick over 10 times. However, during the filming process, Michael Tse accidentally kicked the shuttlecock towards my face. He felt so sorry and guilty over it.”
Translated by jessie1314 @ tavia.org

okay now to some news on Raymond Lam's upcoming series "reaching for the stars adventure" which is a production between mainland SMG and TVB and the mainland actress starring opposite Raymond has been confirmed to be 赵子琪(Zhao ZiQi/Zhao Lin)
In an interview from the Valentines event. They were asked if there new series was very romantic or not. Raymond replies that his role is more romantic that Bosco and that he will have to do a lot of those emotional lines while Bosco's said his role is more complex, he will be more of a player type.

anyways filming is execpted to start on the 16th of Febuary

pictures of the actress:

Raymond has been confirmed to be going to ASTRO awards so both Raymond and Tavia will be attending so hopefully there will be some fungyi
anyways the current results for the awards as of 9 Feb are:
the top 3
Tv series: Heart of Greed , The Drive of Life, Dicey Business
Male Lead: Moses Chan, Raymond Lam , Ron Ng
Female Lead: Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Linda chung
Couple: Rayda, Charray, Bobby & Jessica
Kiss: Rayda, Charray, TaoNei (umm i'm thinking it is Micheal Tao & Sonjia Kwok)
Bizarre Character: Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung
Villains: Suzanna Kwan, Sammul Chan, Michelle Yim
Themesong: Devil's Disciples, Heart of Greed, On the first beat
Scene Stealer: Louis Yuen
Unforgettable Scene: Lee Si Kei
Favourite Characters: Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Roger Kwok, Lee Si Kei, Suzanna Kwan, Damien Lau

Results credits:Charmaine's baidu bar

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