Sunday, February 15, 2009

ASTRO award poster & message by tavia

Poster for the ASTRO AWARDS

so yeah Jessie has informed us that Tavia again is confirmed to go to the awards so yay hope for some fungyi action and hopefully no more pulling out from the both of them
awww the picture of Tavia used in the poster is from the calendar shoot i hope the female version of the book comes out soon i want to see it

anyways a message Tavia wrote for

A letter to my valentines
Dear Fans,
Happy Valentine's Day! Wish you all a warm and sweet Valentine's Day!
I have just finished filming the Stars of Love and I have been having a great time during the filming because all the actors got along well. The last scene was done at HK Disneyland giving the series a beautiful ending. If you want to know the ending, you must watch it when it is aired, you will be surprised! Next, I will be starting the new ancient drama. The character I play is powerful and noble and has done all sorts of evil deeds in order to survive in the palace. This is my first villain role so I feel both pressured and excited! Wait and see!
translated by for only
Valentine Messages

Raymond - Mandarin

Raymond - Cantonese from EEG

Tavia & other artists talking about the meaning of flowers

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