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Raymond's new song

Raymond Lam has a new song out for the new series Justice Bao 2008 he sings the TVB version of the theme song it it is really good i like the song really matchs his voice well plus like the tune really matches ancient series
Download the song :Raymond Lam - Justice Bao themesong


Pictures of Sing Tao article about Raymond being in the industry for 10 years and losing the spot of TV king and other stuff like his rumours with Linda and stuff but article is too long and i'm tired so don't want to translate it but i think another Raymond fan will translate it soon and i'll post it here when it comes out
but to read Chinese article here:
woo okay i found part of the article translation thanks to

The Chronicle of Raymond Lam

February 6, 2009

Raymond and Ha Yu were contesting over the Best Actor award in 2008, as a result, he has lost to the veteran actor. Some may regard awards as unimportant, but Raymond admitted that he has always aspired to be given the award as a recognition for his 10 years in the industry.

Fung: I aspire to gain recognition and this is a practicable reward.

Coming from a wealthy background and always known as ‘siu-ye-chai’ (young master), was alleged to be depending on ‘special relationships” to get to where he is today. After 10 years, this topic still lingers on. This is most upsetting to Raymond.

Raymond joined the Hong Kong 13th TVB Artistes Training Class in 1998. Just with a twinkle of an eye, 10 years has past and he has been conferred the 10th anniversary gold medal.

Presently, not only is he TVB’s frontline ‘siu-sang’, in recent years, now evolving into the music industry, Raymond is currently managing both areas. One can only say, everything is considered to be running eminently smooth for him. Reflecting upon the past 10 years, Fung is grateful to have people surrounding him with love and care.

Since entering the entertainment circle, he had to sacrifice the quality time spent with his family. Neverthelss, he has also gained something out of it. His character has changed tremendously, he reflected.

Fung: In the past, I’m a super passive person, even if people were to “unbolt” my mouth I will only speak a word or two. This is probably due to the fact that being the eldest in the family, I am always conscious about what I say and do. I entered the industry when I was 18 and I was told then that I was behaving like a matured adult. A friend of mine told me this “Young men are susceptible to making mistakes, but there’s no big deal about it as long as it’s a minor mistake, even if you have said something wrong, it is absolutely fine so long as you know your mistakes and learn from it”.

Born into a wealthy family, his father is a real estate investor in Xiamen and was dubbed as the "Li Ka-shing of Xiamen", living in the most luxurious address and driving luxurious car,initially when he joined the industry, he was rumoured to be Madam Li Hao Wor’s nephew and therefore gaining the support from the company top level management executives.

When asked of this, Fung honestly poured out that up till today, he is still being perceived as someone who is dependent on ‘special relationships’ and this is upsetting.

Fung: It is true, 10 years later, I am still being title-tattled about this and this hurts me immensely. But I am grateful to the people around me who understands me. They know that I am very serious about my work. I am required to double up my effort in order to meet the standards and expectations of others as I understand that I have always been subjected to prejudice. So, taking in disapproving remarks and comments are inevitable. Therefore, before achieving any good results, I would choose to speak less and do more, after all what matters most is that I do not disappoint those who gave me all the opportunities that I needed at that given time. Just do what I am supposed to do, I think that should be good enough.

Losing the Award

Last year Fung was nominated for his role in Moonlight Resonance, but the award slipped out of his hand. But Raymond is still hopeful towards the Best Actor title, is this Raymond’s resolution for 2009?

Fung: Award is an important recgonition by the audience. As an artiste, no one would ever want to give a brush-off an award, the award trophe has an eternal value even after a thousand years when you look back, it bring to one’s mind that you have at some point in life put in that effort and diligence.

I consider every role as important and significant in itself and I will give all that I can in portraying every given role not for the sake of the award but for the simple pleasure that I could get when someone bumped into you in the streets and say to you "I like your acting". To me, this alone is most rewarding as it gives me a great sense of achievement.

Rumour has it that TVB only gives awards to their ‘Biological son and daughter’’. Raymond emphasized that losing an award has all to do with our own doing, perhaps we are not giving as much as we should, or we have been slacked, then we will not be able to carry the ‘weighty’ award.

If an award is meant to be yours, it will be yours anyway. I will not do things like what was said of me, for instance, renewing a contract in exchange for award because I am an egotistical person.

Perhaps Fung has grown up, he seems to be spared from baffling rumours now as compared with the past. In the past, papparazis revealed pictures of him hanging out late nights in mainland china. But in the recent years, he is rarely ‘spotted’. Having an appearance that is seemingly playful but little do we know that Raymond actually hopes to settle down and have family of his own.

Fung: It is certainly my hope to have a family, I have strong family values and I like the feeling of ‘home’. Whenever I am off from work, I like to be ‘lodged’ at home and the feeling of having every of my family member around me, I am comfortable. I don’t have to think before I say anything and I can be myself, like a kid in front of their parents.

My brother and I are 11 years of age difference and back home, we play games together.

As to the question of the right time to settle down in marriage, I have not deliberately planned for it as I do not set a time limit for everything that I do. But all in all, after I am married, I will not let my wife work so that she will not be distressed.

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Be my Guest Pictures form Shirley Yeung's blog

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