Thursday, February 5, 2009

Palace Scheme fitting

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original article credits:Appledaily
Tavia Yeung: Need to protect yourself

Tavia Yeung Today appeared at TVB City for TVB's new seires "Palace Schemes"《攻心計》 test fitting
In response to the recent incident of magician "salty pork hand" in the company, and the females victims in the company who were not able to report it due to lack of evidence, Tavia thinks that the company will handle the situation fairly she said "it could be that there is a misunderstanding between colleagues, it may not be as bad as it sounds,the point is it is important that a female knows how to protect herself"

Mandy Cho,Selena Li, Tracy Ip and Tavia Yeung at the test costume fitting for "Palace Schemes"

original article credits:Appledaily
Love triangles are annoying for Steven Ma

Steven Ma with Tavia Yeung and Michael Tse is filming new series"The stars of Love" with a big love triangle.
Ma jai is in love with childhood friend Tavia Yeung and there is Micheal Tse who is involved, which causes the relationships to be very complicated. He reveals that in real life he is fortunate to not fall upon such situation.

He said " A love triangle is too annoy and too though, so i would not ever get involved into other peoples love relations, but also do not wish for someone to intervene in my love relationships"

Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung filming new series, admits that they would not have a boyfriend girlfriend relationship

filming causes them to be childish

Wallpapers of Tavia's recent photo shoot

RaymondForest recently released HQ pictures of fungyi during TOB days

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