Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience costume fitting

the official costume fitting of "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience" was held today
the costumes looks pretty but the hair style are really out there but i guess it has to be since it is set in the Tang dynasty and they had those really extravagant hairstyle with lots of hair pins and stuff

well i was going to translate the news but i found the article translated on AF. so it saves me a lot of time heheh

Translated by : jse@http://asianfanatics.net/
Sourced from : on.cc

Tavia and Charmaine are best friends like sisters in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience". Later on, Tavia turned evil. She was not worried whether her evil role could affect her image. During the costume fitting event, Tavia and Moses were playing together and often hang hands on each shoulders happily. Tavia laughed at Moses and said,"You didn't scared that someone saying you are a "Salty Pig Hand"?" Moses just replied,"I was the victim who salted by the pork hand?!" For Michelle Yim, she mentioned about her boyfriend. Rumour stated that her boyfriend's disease had some changes. She attended the costume fitting and she denied this rumour. She said her boyfriend was fine and he was resting in the house now. Reporters questioned whether she will marry with her boyfriend. Michelle replied,"Only until completed filming this show first before saying anything." On the other hand, mentioned about Stephen Huynh's younger brother, Francois who was in love with a greater age woman . Mandy revealed she had SMS-ing him already. When mentioning about her love rumour with Stephen, she had done a great job eventhough she only pressurised herself. But, she would not spread this to Francois and supported him. She also said that the most important thing was a family reuniting together. She said,"Francois was a great person and I think the news reported about Francois was not true." On the other hand, Rumoured couple, Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng attended for this costume fitting. This couple became the hitpoint of this drama. However, when they were with each other, no interactions between them were seen. For this drama, Kevin said,"For this drama, I can't control myself. When we are filming, we will definitely concentrate to film a good one."

more pictures: Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Costume fitting

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