Friday, February 6, 2009

Tavia news related to 'salty pork hands'

Female Artistes Play Crazily, Tavia Yeung will take precautions

Yesterday, Tavia Yeung attended costume tryout for “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”. When asked about the “Salty Pork Hand” incident, Tavia felt that there is always body contact during work. Perhaps the incident was turning into major issues from minor issues due to the reports. Tavia also felt that as a female artiste, they should also have self-control whether they had played too crazily or not. If it was a misunderstanding, then they should not blame the male artiste. Tavia said, “I think everyone should not make a guess anymore regarding who the molester is. But, no matter how, if I meet a molester, I will give him a good slap!”

Tavia felt that Kingdom Yuen brought out the incident to public to protect everyone and wished that no more female artistes will meet the “Salty Pork Hand” again. Tavia said, “In the meantime, we still yet to clear out the issue whether it was misunderstanding between colleagues or actually they never meant to do that. If disclosing anyone’s name without evidence, it is unfair to everyone.”

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Suddenly Weekly 706

Tavia Yeung sadly a target
hmm okay i can't really read properly but it;s something about the magazine pointing out Ellesmere Choi being the culprit of 'salty pork hands' and that Tavia was one of his targets but i think i read another article clearing it up say he was not the person so yeah it jsut the media stirring up news but i guess it publicity ofr Tavia since out of all the female artist they put her name as a title for front pages news lol

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