Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Picking Star Of Adventure news

So "Picking Star Of Adventure" has a;ready started filming already i guess no costume fitting for the series since everything is very low profile right now . the cast is currently filming in Shenzhen right now
okay not much news except for the following i read at RF
current cast :
Raymond Lam —— 海星(Hoi Sing)
Damien Lau —— 海亮(Hoi Leung)
Bosco wong —— 林大 (Lam Dai)
Toby - 美思 (Mei Si)
趙子琪 (Zhao Zi Qi) * —— 京麗
宋汶菲(Song Wen Fei)* —— 耀群
these two the mainland actress supposedly are the main female leads
Cecilia Yip

So Raymond & Damien will have a father & Son relationship again, with Bosco they are childhood friends, partners in the story are that Toby likes Raymond but she will end up with Bosco, 宋汶菲 & Raymond date but then she and Bosco have some sort of relationship like an affair?/

lol fans who have seen raymond's new hairstyle says that it is kind of weird omg now i'm scared i really want to see it now

anyways MV promo of Raymond & Vincy

Full version of Steven Ma & Tavia Yeung - Sweetness in the Salt Themesong
it is rips of the radio so it isn't clear and has the DJ speaking but for those who wanted the full song here it is
Steven Ma & Tavia Yeung - 爱怎么说(Full DJ Version)


Anonymous said...

thz for SHARIN da full song yes is finally out tavia singin is good

fungyi said...

hehehe yes tavia singing is good hopefully mrs lok lets her sing more songs

Anonymous said...

i agree with u hope mrs.lok will let her sing more songs.i really want her to sing da ancient serie themesong they change da name palace shcemez n starz of love wit steven again it would be awsome