Monday, February 23, 2009

ASTRO Awards 2009 - Results

okay well some fans at the chinese forum (mainly LoveBosco & raymond baidu) are giving us up date so i'll up date everyone here with what is currently happening

Red carpet walk:
Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan
Raymond Lam & Law Koon-Lan ( she plays Steven Ma's mum in The Gentle crackdown II)
Ron & Shirley
Linda Chung & Benz Hiu & Myolie Wu
Bosco Wong & Tavia Yeung
Suzanna Kwan & Moses Chan & Lee Si Kei

hahahah i knew it was going to be BoTa but i'm glad they spilt up Rayda but put Raymond with someone new hahahaha
i read there is a lot of Tavia fans that showed up tonight wow go Tavia MA fans for all showing up and supporting for first Astro awards the other fans say that they were realy well organised and the cheering was really good lol
But yeah Raymond has the most fans there

Stage Introduction:
Raymond Lam & Linda Chung
Ron Ng & Tavia yeung
Bosco Wong & Shirley Yeung
Moses Cahn & Myolie Wu
Lee Si Kei & Suzanna Kwan

Favorite Character
01 .Moses Chan (Tong Chi On 唐至安)
02.Myolie Wu (Fat Tin 肥田)
03.Ron Ng (Chung Lap Man 鍾立文 )
04.Linda Chung (Sheung Joi Sum 常在心 )
05.Bobby Au-Yeung (Chai Foon Cheung 齊歡暢 )
06.Jessica Hsuan (Lei Ching Wan 李青雲 )
07.Bosco Wong (Lui Sau 呂濤)
08.Lee Si Kei (Dai Kai 大契 )
09.Raymond Lam (Wah Zhen Pong 華振邦)
10.Charmaine Sheh (Wing Sau Fung 榮秀風)
11.Joe Ma (Doi Laap Yun 戴立仁 )
12. Tavia Yeung (Tam Chu Mei 譚珠美)

Unforgettable Moment
Heart of Greed

Favorite On Screen Kiss
Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh

Favorite Bizarre Character

Myolie Wu

Favorite Villain
Shirley Yeung

Favorite Scene Stealer
Benz Hiu

Favorite Couple

Raymond Lam & Linda Chung (程亮&常在心)

Favorite Theme Song
Suzanna Kwan - 讲不出声 (溏心风暴)

Favorite Leading Actress
Lee Si Kei

Favorite Leading Actor
Moses Chan

Favorite Drama
Heart of Greed ( (溏心风暴)

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