Friday, February 20, 2009

Sudden Weekly Issue 708

Tavia Yeung climbs up by staying in FengShui apartment
Translation credits to Jessie @ JESSIE'S BLOG
Source : Sudden Weekly Issue 708
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Tavia Yeung bought a 2-room apartment facing sea scenery in Tseung Kwan O Central in 2001. Now, her apartment’s value has increased HK$400,000 and recently, Tavia’s career has also become more and more successful. From a minor role to Fa Dan status now and also gained Best Supporting Actress last year by the role of “Lo Lui”, it seemed that her apartment could help in building up her career. When asked about she bought a FengShui apartment, Tavia expressed that she did not think about it and just bought it because that area was easy for her to travel around. “I stayed here for nearly 7 years. I feel that it is convenience to buy things here because there is a road that can straight lead to the shopping mall. As an artiste, I always do not have fixed time for my meal. There are a lot of foods downstairs and I will not afraid of getting hungry.”

Beyond the Realm of Conscience costume fitting clips



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Anonymous said...

thx a bunch for sharin can't wait till dis serie airs tavia look sooo pretty all da ladiez look pretty.can u plz give me sum detailz or updates on the chemistry/love triangle wen u no who is gonna pair wit who.i mean charkev together dats a yes same as charmo dats a yes too rite they r both yes rite.wat bout kevin pursez tavia,tavia n moses.plz give me sum updates or newz if u no anythin bout tavia wit those two guyz.i kinda want tavia to be byherself for da endin he

fungyi said...

hmmm well i dunno much about the storyline but yeah story is about charm and tav entering the palace together and they are BFF but then they get torture and stuff a lot by the elder trainers and tavia turns evil and greedy so she becomes moses concubine but then kevin likes but she doen't share the same feeling and then i think kevin likes charm towards then end and maybe moses begins to have feelis are charm?? i dunno hahah sorry but yeah since tavia is evil there is a good chance she will end up alone or dead