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Tavia Interview & mag scans

MR cast on JSG extra

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Fala Chen sings "Ice-Cream" Mr sub-theme for Linda & Bosco scenes
Raymond sings David Tao's "blue moon"
Interview the younger generation
translation of when they interview Tavia
Amigo: Tavia in this series you really like Ah Ka because you grew up together but in reality would you like those you always joke around like Ah Ka or Raymond whos like those you know serious love type
Tavia:i have really considered this ... thought really hard about it. I hope i can be rich like Raymond *Raymond laughs a lot*, as tall as Moses and because Moses can really tell joke he can make me happy but still needs to have money I'm really straightforward, really straightforward *Raymond said something i can't hear properly can someone help please* .... *Tavia looks at Raymond then laughs* need to be like Raymond and have lots of money
Amigo:does he really have that much money?
Tavia: I'm guessing he has a lot of money
Raymond: are you kidding me *shakes head*
Amigo:*says something but again can't hear properly*
*Tavia laughs really loud*
Amigo: yes .good friends use each other like that

Note: okay after watching that you can tell Tavia was joking around everyone likes to joke around about Raymond rich background issue even Ron jokes about it the other day at The Four promotion but it was a funny interview

Tavia on The Face vol.70

aritcle in chinese : http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=481630450
sorry i have no idea what the article is about i haven't had time to read it yet

Translation: Akazukin @ asianfanatics.net/forum

Interview with Cha Siu Yan
Tavia Yeung has hope of getting side income worth million.

Today’s guest: Tavia Yeung

Today’s topic: In Moonlight Resonance, Tavia acted as Ah Yuet, and has a nickname “Get” Girl, meaning she was gotten from outside (adopted). Tavia’s acting is very natural, earning praises from a lot of parties. Even Lee Sze Kei and Moses Chan think that she has chance of getting TV Queen by this character. Tavia Yeung has also been invited to become the spokesperson of a lot of company. It has been said that her “Get” Girl character has made her “get” side income worth almost a million.

Tavia Yeung laughingly said: “It has not yet reached one million. I hope I will able to earn it soon.” “How will you use this 1 million?” “I want to change my car, or buy an larger apartment so my mother can live more comfortably.” Not long before, there was rumour that Tavia Yeung had gotten a plastic surgery, and because she was stressful, she mopped the floor for two hours non-stop. Tavia said: “I did not have any plastic surgery. But If I was rumoured so, I would rather be rumoured to have a plastic surgery rather than rumoured to be at odds with others or date others, because plastic surgery rumour will not affect others and no means no.”

Tavia Yeung has a very good relationship with people. A lot of male artistes click with her. She said: “For female, I am close friend with Christine Ng and Claire Yiu. We can kiss each other on the mouth. For male, I also very good friends with Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, and Ron Ng, etc, but we will not kiss on the mouth.” “You did not have rumours with them?” I said. “We do not avoid. They will often drive me home after work, I will just sit.” “If there has to be a rumour, who would you choose to be rumoured with?” “Ron Ng, we have been rumoured for so many years but it’s never a hot topic. It doesn’t matter if it’s rumoured again,” she said.

As for mopping the floor herself, Tavia Yeung said: “Not only do I like to mop floors, I like to clean the toilet too. Am I considered as having potential to be a good wife?”

One hour is a short time but within this hour, I can feel the “tomboy” character of Tavia Yeung. It’s no wonder that males or females can happily collaborate with her.


Tavia with Moses and Fala at Miss HKI Pageant in new Zealand

Your Love (CD+DVD) (Version 2)

Product Information / Track List
- DVD with 3 MVs
- 6 postcard

01. 愛不疚 (TVB劇集「溏心風暴之家好月圓」片尾曲)
02. 愛人與海
03. Tonight
04. 明天以後 (林峯 / 泳兒合唱)
05. 憑良心說再見
06. 影子的愛情故事
07. 浮生若水 (TVB劇集「太極」片尾曲)
08. All About Your Love
09. 夏雪
10. 明天以後 (國語) (林峯 / 泳兒合唱)

01. 愛不疚 (MV) - Love with no Regrets
02. 明天以後 (MV) - After Tomorrow (Duet with Vincy)
03. 愛人與海 (MV)- Love and Sea

After Tomorrow MV feat Vincy

Fashion & Beauty Vol. 248


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