Sunday, September 14, 2008

MR mag scans + Tavia in Shenyang

TVB Weekly Vol.586

MR ending trailer

Credits:Yuki@Raymond's Baidu bar

Tavia pictures from her Shenyang visit ... Some Jewelery promotion but it was a private function so a lot of fans weren't able to go in a take photos. Anyways one fan was lucky to talk to tavia and was asked if she like to dance and if she would participate in "Strictly Come dancing" show but she said she didn't like to dance but she wouldn't mind participating in the show if she was asked. She wants to have a vacation to Japan in the last half of the year. She mentioned that she likes acting a lot and even if she gets married she would still continue to act the only thing that would change is the type of contract she would have signed to have more time to herself. She really wants to win "Best Actress Awards" but she hopes that Sa Yee (Suzanna Kwan) should get the award this year.


The Four trailer 04

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