Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Update 13/09/08

Tavia Update

Tavia and Moses pictures taken in Sydney Moses was giving Tavia a tour around Sydney since he use to live there. The article said that due to Moonlight Resonance's popularity Tavia has replaced Bernice as female partner of Moses as they have been invited to many promotional event at Malls, Ribbon Cutting events and to mainland and being paid 6 figure sums to go. Sydney fans event celebrated Tavia's birthday with her with a cake.

Tavia attending "Sole Town Autumn and Winter fashion show". i think is a shoe brand or something not sure but the article kept mentioning everyone's shoes lol well Tavia wore 6inch high heals and again talking about popularity of MR and how her acting was getting good reviews and how she is getting more jobs through the high ratings. She said she wants to have her own house but first she has to work hard for a few months to gain more money to buy a new car first before owning a house.

More pictures:
Tavia @ Sole Town Autumn and Winter fashion show
Raymond Updates

Estée Lauder Activity in Macau with Kathy Chow not going to summarize any articles since most of them are just talking about the Niki-Kevin-Charmaine rumors going on

More Pictures: Estée Lauder event in Macau

Promoting second album

More Pictures: Raymond second album promotions

The Four TVB trailer 03

Credits: Tungstar, Tavia & raymond baidu bar,, Fungforever, KA

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