Monday, September 8, 2008

Oriental Sunday vol 561 - Tavia

Oriental Sunday 561 - 楊怡 雌雄同體

Credits: Tavia.Org
So happy to see tavia appear on so many magazine spreads lately
Tavia & DotcomMan

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Anonymous said...

i just want to know sumthin did sumthin bad happen to tavia in da serie example did she have cancer(i read it sum where dat sayz she have cancer) n dere was dis article where tavia mention dat dere is life n death seperation in da serie n da endin will be unexpected.Do u have any updates or new info plz tell me if u do plz n da way do u know da new serie tavia is filmin rite now wit bowie lam wat is da title is it modern or ancient??thz for all ur help n thz again for uploadin ep5 of dat game show with her n moses