Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tavia attending TVB Dinner
Article Summary:
About 20 TVB artist including "Moonlight Resonance" stars Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Tavia Yueng attend a TVB celebration party that was held at Misto Restaurant VIP room in Tsim Sha Tsui. The party was hosted by TVB executive Stephen Chan and Lok Yi Ling also attend. party was held on celebration of Moonlight Resonance's high rating, the Olympics games and etc. It mentions how due to Tavia's excellent performance in MR she could be the dark horse winner for the TVB awards in November. Okay thats all i got off the article lol bad chinese.
But wow she is getting a lot of attention of the executives lately she sat opposite Mrs.Lok for the dinner and leaves with Stephen Chan


bluebell said...

Is that Tavia sitting next to Ha Yu at the back row there?

fungyi said...

yes that is tavia she is sitting opposite Mrs Lok and next to ha Yu