Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Update 16/09/2008

Raymond Promoting "Your Love" Album

More Pictures: Raymond Performing "Your Love" Songs

Quote from Article that mentions Tavia

As for suggestions that there will be a clean sweep of awards this year for Moonlight, Raymond said it was still too early to reach any conclusions. As for who he tipped for the Best Actress award, he said that of course the veterans Lee Si Kei (李司棋), Michelle Yim (米雪) were strong candidates, but he will also support TVB classmate Tavia Yeung (楊怡) because her acting talent has always been very solid.
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Favouring Tavia Yeung to win TV Queen award
Is Fung confident that he will win? Fung said, “Hoping to be in the top 5 and hope to win, actually the series is good so I’ve already won. There had been many direct benefits, as I had taken on many jobs.”

Speaking of rumours which say MR will sweep the TVB awards, Fung said, “Don’t judge it so quickly. When a series is in the spotlight, how the actors have portrayed themselves is subjective.” When asked who does he think will win “TV Queen”, he said, “LSK, Michelle and Lee Heung Kam have all displayed their skills, but I should also support Tavia who was in the same year’s acting class with me. The response had been very good, her acting has been very solid, in the past I’ve had the best chemistry while working with her.”

Achieved good returns after 10 years
Reports have said because of MR, Tavia had earned enough to buy a home and a car. Fung also revealed he will use an eight figure sum to buy a home. He said, “I can probably buy a home next year. If I have time I would like to look at some houses, after working hard for 10 years.” What type of home will you buy? He said, “Somewhere a person can live in, doesn’t need to be too big, need to buy a property with good value in the middle to top price range. It’s a long term purchase and not an investment. I’ve saved for a deposit, and I’m confident in my future work.” Will he live with his family when buying a new home? He said, “I’m living with my family now, but my family are always not in HK. I practically live there by myself.”
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TVB-E clips of Raymond talking about it

Tavia @ Sino team challenge

The Face vol.069

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Hmmmm well new came out today about Tavia & Moses being nominated as supporting roles for MR well i dunno what to say about that news and well we don't really know what TVB is thinking and this is not confirmed until TVB officially releases their nomination list in October i think plus there is still 2-3 more series not broadcasted yet so the list isn't really confirmed yet .. it means that nominations can change or stay the same .... Even Raymond doesn't know who is nominated in which category he still thinks his up against Moses but the news paper said Moses isn't in the best actor anymore .... so yeah as i said before nothing is confirmed until TVB releases the OFFICAL LIST

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