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“Moonlight Resonance” to Dominate the TVB Award Ceremony

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Okay this article is really really long and I don’t understand some or it so I’ll just transalte the important part:
“Moonlight Resonance” to Dominate the TVB Award Ceremony

Tavia Yeung’s Explosion with Lee Si Kei and Michelle Yim fighting after the award.

Popular TVB Drama “Moonlight Resonance” has received high rating and is much talked about. After 3 months of airing the drama is set to sweep the TVB award ceremony like last year’s “Heart of Greed” recently highly praised for great acting improvements Tavia Yeung(杨 怡)with Ho Ma Lee SiKei(李 司 棋)and HongYee Michelle Yim(米 雪)will be fight for the award. Jo Ba Ha Yu(夏 雨)will be fight with his two sons Ah Ka Moses Chan(陈 豪)and Goon Ga Jai Raymond Lam(林峯) for the Best Actor award. The Gam family fight for the Award will surely result in “Moonlight Resonance” being the big winner.

Tavia Yeung as Lo Niu Ah Yuet gains rising popularity. Has a opportunity to compete after Lee SiKei.

Last year “Heart of Greed” won 6 awards including “Best Male” and “Best Female” awards. The year “Moonlight Resonance” has been high popular with last weeks rating averaging 36pts (about 2.26 viewers).

The drama is well received by viewers and the whole cast gets the viewers support especially the veteran cast Ha Yu, Lee Sieki, Suzanna Kwan, Michelle Yim and Lee Heung Kam not only is the veterans getting the support but also the younger generation Siu Sang and Fa Dan’s Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Kate Tsui and Fala Chan are being praised for great improvements in their acting.

Raymond Lam yesterday attending activity laughing because he was regarded as TV King.

Lee Si Kei recently said “This year when I look at the younger generation for female Tavia Yeung has done very well as for the big award Jo Ba is okay but the role isn’t as outstanding as last year’s Dai Bao role. For males roles Moses Chan was the most surprise because when they were filing it looked like he was just playing around but the final outcome showed he was the best out of all her children. Raymond Lam isn’t good nor bad but he isn’t special (the role)”

Tavia Yeung said “ I have only a little bit confidence and not big expectations, getting nominated is very good already. There is many more people that are better than me, I think that Suzanna Kwan and SiKei jie should be the winners. Everyone has equal chance but there is a lot of pressure, I don’t think I have enough capability so it should go the veterans. This time I give myself 85 pts I still have a lot of room for improvements, I’m not satisfied with my own acting yet. So I don’t have high expectations to win an award”

Tavia Yeung gains the most support from netizens.

Tavia Yeung gets the most votes for best performance in “Moonlight Resonance”. Fala Chen comes in fourth place.

Although the presentation awards has not arrived yet but internet users have set up a poll for “Moonlight Resonance Best Acting” currently Ah Yuet (Tavia Yeung) leads with 158 votes taking 43% of votes Followed by Raymond Lam, Michelle Yim, Fala Chen and Linda Chung.

Many pressure for Linda as internet users are greatly praising Tavia Yeung for big improvements in acting and thinks she has a good chance to win the award.

Fans comments
[oldfa203]: Tavia wins (takes spotlight) through strength and effort. Last time in HOG she was very prominent as jackie but not as much as other actresses. In MR it's obvious it's to promote Linda Chung but Tavia continues to be the center of attention through lots of hard work and effort.
[知 心 友]: Tavia is really has a good technique, when she cries I cry too.
[annaboa]: I think Tavia does a really wonderful job, she cries so naturally. Initially I was watching it for Raymond and Linda, but then in this series it makes me feel that Tavia her acting is very prominent. (thanks flor.a for this part)

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Raymond Lam at "Your Love Performance"

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Tavia at Moonlight Resonance Happy Mid-Autumn festival night

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