Saturday, September 6, 2008

Raymond in Korea

Raymond & Sonija arriving at Incheon Airport yesterday at 3Pm. They are in South Korea for the 2008 CMB Youth ChinChin Festival. They will be singing and dancing there. Raymond mentioned that this is his second visit to korean his first time was 10 years ago he says that he is interested in Korean dramas and music.


Press conference

Performance - damn this is why i like Korean reporters they upload pictures really fast performance was only like 1 hour or so ago ... okay i was wrong he didn't sing tai chi subtheme he sang 'Fond of Searching For You in Memories' and "fearless" the movie theme song ( you know the Jay Chou Song ) hahaha the korean fans said he rapped good now i got to see it

More Pictures : Raymond & Sonija in Korea
Airport Clip - yeah i knew Chinchin festvial sounded familiar because RyeoWook and Kyuhyun from Super Junior was in the competition once as well ... okay I'll stop talking about Super junior here ....anyways will upload the performance clips of Raymond when it comes out if it ever comes out or else we have to relay of fancams

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