Wednesday, May 7, 2008

[Pls do not repost it elsewhere pls]rumoured insider news- up to you to believe or not

Rumoured insider news- up to you to believe or not (gossip or real, i am just translating what this person said. None of the simply.fungyi admin here made up this news.)
7th of May 2008
its really interesting is about TVB artist from the perspective of a person inside of tvb ...... it shows how complicated the entertainment world really is

Note* i have only translated Ray and tav's parts. this person wrote about other many artists too which i didnt translate.

Although i dont understand much of tVB but one artist who is the most friendly is tavia. Her character is really nice and she doesnt scheme. She is very easily contented. All those who seen her, work with her like her. Ron, ray or whoever trust her especially and tell her their personal things. And Chris. She is very close with chris. She is closest to natalie among the girls. It is really comfortable talking to her. She doesnt put on air and she doesnt see herself as a star. But tavia is not favoured by the executives. Part of it is due to linda. but the funniest thing is she is one of the few who is willing to talk to linda. she is really nice. Her bf, Lan Wei Jie is not in the entertainment circle. he is from macau and they are togther for a long time already.

虽然我对tvb了解不算多 但是有一点我敢肯定 女艺人里人缘最好的 tavia绝对算一个 她的性格真的很好 没什么心计 很容易开心的一个人 所有见到她的人 和她接触的人 都会喜欢她 吴卓羲林峰什么的 都特别信赖她会和她讲心事 还有黎诺懿 她和黎诺懿特别铁 女生里面唐诗咏和她最好 和她相处真得很舒服 你不会觉得她是明星 她也不拿自己当明星 tvb的明星 在低调好相处的 多多少少都有点爱摆谱 但是她是真得不. 不过她就不讨高层喜欢 这两年她因为钟嘉欣的缘故受了不少打 Ya 不过可笑的是她还是台里少数愿意搭理钟嘉欣的人之一 真得很 nice   她男朋友蓝伟杰 圈外人 很长一段时间了 澳门人来的 其他的我也不清楚

Raymond is the most rated xiao sheng and i have eaten with him before. he looks better in person. he doesnt like to talk much but he gives me the feel that he knows what he is going. He doesnt put on airs and he address those seniors as teachers. he is quite friendly. He and ron are really good friends. heard that tvb want to pair him up and linda. Actually he doesnt really like it but didnt say anythng. In any case, he doesnt feel anything for linda. but heard that linda has something for him in the past.

林峰是现在小生里面最做的最高的了 我同他前年吃过饭 哈哈 本人比电视上好看 他不太爱说话 不过给我感觉很懂事 心里比较有谱的那种人 而且没有富家子弟的臭毛病 在片场的时候经常就和很普通的场记什么的 对那些演习的前辈都称“老师" 所以人缘都ok 他和吴卓羲是真的可以讲心事的朋友 很难得   据说tvb当时要把他和钟嘉欣组情侣档 他其实很不乐意 但是也没说什么 反正他对钟是真没什么 倒是钟对他曾经有过好感

to add on, this person said that ray never woo tavia before but they are really very good friends.

Translation by Irrationally_adept
Credits to yennie for the news

Note: I am just translating what this person said and if this offend anybody, i extend my sincere apologies. Anyway, like i said earlier, it is up to you to believe or not. i am just providing you guys with some entertainment news. thanks for your kind understanding. edited: PLS do not post this translation or news elsewhere. it is purely meant for entertainment from this person and we dont mean any harm to others and benefit to fungyi. Sorry for all the troubles caused.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, is this news or it's just rumors?

fungyi said...

well it is just gossip but apparently the person who posted it up said it is from the perspective of a photographer who works in TVB so i guess it is very biased and not very reliable how much you believe in the news will be up to how you interpret it all