Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Blog Layout

Well it's a new month now so it means a new layout
this time the lovely new banner is made by Flor.a
Also changed the background colour to match the background so hope it all okay
please give comments about what you think of the new layout
and yeah well if anyone else wants to make a banner for our blog please feel free to email us or PM Sakura_Drop @ Asianfanactics and i'll be sure to use your banner for next months

Anyways i know alot of people liek the previous banner so i have decide to share them also

Ver.1 By Sakura_drop

Ver.2 By Maangoh

Ver.3 By Flor.a

Ver.4 By Sakura_Drop

Ver.5 By Mango

Ver.6 By Sakura_Drop

Ver.7 By Sakura_Drop

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