Friday, May 30, 2008

HOG 2 - Mid-Autumn Festival Show


Last night the HOG 2 cast filmed a scene about a Mid-autumn festival Show. The scene talked about how Moses's Character was holding the show for the bakery, but due to being tired and over working he has a heart attack and was sent to hospital.
Lee Si Kei had said that due to the criticism of HOG having a bad ending with no clear ending of how the bad character get punished this time the bad characters will get a bad ending. Although Suzanna Kwan's character does some bad things in the series she will turn good in the end so overall the ending will be a happy ending.
HOG 2 is said to be finished filming in the Mid of June and airing at the end of July.

Credits: Oriental daily , SingTao Daily & Raymond Forest

Signing Off : Sakura_Drop

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