Thursday, May 29, 2008

HOG 2 Wedding Scene

Filiming of HOG 2 wedding scene
this time two couples are getting married they are Suzanna Kwan - Louis Yeun and Fala Chen & Dexter Yeung ( did i spell his name right ?? lol )
anyway another happy family scene but this time i don't seem Michelle Yim & Linda in the scenes did something happen to their character?? i think this is near the end of the series

Pretty picture of tavia in the bride's maid dress

【on.cc专讯】 杨怡以Low-cut晚装上阵拍摄新剧《溏心风暴之家好月圆》婚宴场面,饰演伴娘的她为拍剧经常披嫁衣,令她愈来愈恨嫁,而身边朋友很多都已结婚生仔,再加上四川大地震,令她觉得世事无常、人生苦短,因此现正努力物色对象,但估计六、七年内都不会结婚.

Tavia Yeung appeared in a low-cut gown filming Heart of greed 2 in a wedding scene. She wore a bridesmaid gown that day and that made her feel more like marrying. Many of her friends have already married and have children already and in addition to the earthquake in china made her feel that there is no certainty in life and life is short. hence she is working hard in looking for a target but predicts that she wont get married in 6 to 7 years time.

relevant article: Tavia working hard to find her other half
Fala Chen appears angry for no reason with a Diva attitude

the TVB-E DL clip can be found here

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